Debunked: Berkeley Skateboard Guy Was Not Antifa

At the second Battle of Berkeley, a young man with a black sun skateboard-shield was photographed giving a Roman salute. This clearly upset many Trump supporters, who are loathe to be associated with the greatest sin of our era: racism.

This culminated in a recent conspiracy theory alleging that this young man was not a Trump supporter, but an antifa infiltrator.

Kyle Chapman, otherwise known as Based Stick Man, helped promulgate this theory:

It also gained traction on /r/The_Donald.

However, video evidence – compiled by yours truly – proves that this individual was, in fact, a Trump supporter, and not an antifa infiltrator:

Make sure to spread this around. The last thing that we want is for an innocent Trump supporter to be doxed – or worse – because he was mistaken for being a degenerate anti-fascist.


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