Dec 13 – Netanyahu Assumes Hitler’s Title as Genocidal Maniac

(left, Adolf Netanyahu) 

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Makow- Significant this appears in the NYT: The Jew York Times is part of the Communist wing of Organized Jewry. They “hate” the Zionist branch, i.e. Trump etc. The globalist Communist branch may be out to destroy the Zionist branch which upholds conservatives and nationalists worldwide.

“But reporting in the New York Times has revealed that Netanyahu’s government was more hands-on about helping Hamas: they helped a Qatari diplomat bring suitcases of cash into Gaza, indirectly boosting the militant organization, according to the report.

The calculus — the Times reported on Sunday, citing Israeli officials, Netanyahu’s critics, and the man’s own reported statements — was to keep Hamas strong enough to counteract the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, allowing Netanyahu to avoid a two-state peace solution and keep both sides weak.”

Makow-I mourn both the Palestinian and Israeli casualties of this gratuitous war. 

BREAKING: Israel HIDES MASSIVE Casualties As BRUTAL Combat Footage Emerges

The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Saturday that 5,000 Israeli soldiers have been injured since October 7, the newspaper revealed that 2,000 of the injured soldiers have been officially recognized as disabled by the Israeli Ministry of Defense so far. It added that the Rehabilitation Department at the Ministry of Defense receives 60 wounded individuals daily, with most injuries being severe.

GAME CHANGER: Tucker Carlson Announces the Launch of His Own News Network

“The return of Tucker is not only better but also bigger. His team has rejoined him to launch all-new programs, streaming directly to you. And that’s just the beginning. You can watch anytime and also be part of something special: a platform centered around the core American ideals of freely discussing, debating, and searching for the truth,” the TCN adds.

Canada votes to demand Israel-Hamas ceasefire | Power & Politics

Branco is a big disappointment. Why do US nationalists accept Israeli control? Israel killed JFK, did 9-11.

Australia and NZ break away from the U.S. voting for Gaza ceasefire | 7 News Australia

Feeling the heat on Gaza, Biden’s speech writer slipped this appeal for a 2-state solution into a speech yesterday while still performing fellatio on Netanyahu and the Jewish state

“But, secondly, we have to work toward bringing Israel together in a way that provides for the beginning of option — an option of a two-state solution, because absent that — (applause) — (inaudible). It’s probably more than you wanted to hear, but — (laughter).”

This captures the spirit of our times but fails to mention the (((cause))) of our malaise

Conspiracy, Mainstream Media Or Madness | The Truth Illusion (2023) | Full Film

An investigation into how the U.S. is now riven by radically differing views on what is real, and what is not. “The Truth Illusion” looks at how those deepening divisions began, and how they have eroded faith in authority – spawning conspiracy theories and creating ‘alternative realities’.

Moscow outlines conditions for Middle East peace

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has reiterated support for a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, arguing that US plans will inevitably fail

However, Lavrov noted that Russia “will not agree to Middle East settlement deals that violate Israel’s security and do not involve the creation of Palestine.”

“Leave the World Behind” movie foreshadows massive cyber attack false flag event to come

David Martin’s Speech: ‘Exposing COVID-19 Crimes’

“All-cause mortality in the ages of 18 to 55 is now 40% higher in the people that were injected with a biological weapon. Martin named the chief culprits: Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric, Jeremy Farrar, Chris Elias, Tedros Ghebreyesus, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, the World Health Organization, DARPA, the United Nations, Rockefeller Foundation, the Wellcome Trust and the Gates Foundation.”

China’s banking system is in free-fall right now, says Hayman Capital’s Kyle Bass

Nixon Aide Said CIA Murdered Dorothy Hunt, Wife of Watergate Burglar E. Howard Hunt Who Knew Too Much About the CIA’s Role in Watergate and Other Crimes

According to Mae Brussell, one of America’s foremost assassination experts in the 1970s, 30 Watergate witnesses met strange deaths, including Dorothy Hunt, and many of those witnesses knew about CIA involvement in Watergate. Up to 12 people associated with Watergate in some way were on the doomed Flight 553.

9-11 predictive programming


Zionist hit job. She is protected by Commie Jews

President of Harvard, Claudine Gay, plagiarized her dissertation, 

This presents evidence that the president of Harvard University, Claudine Gay, plagiarized her dissertation!

Even more amazingly, her PhD is from Harvard, and she won a “best dissertation” prize there for it! And they hired her on the faculty and even made her president. And since she plagiarized from her advisor, it says there, someone at Harvard knew she did it, and they still graduated her, hired her and promoted her.

Millennial women in US are facing the first ‘active decline’ in well-being since WWII – with suicides, debt and cost of living all skyrocketing

A report from the Population Reference Bureau revealed declining fortunes

Researchers linked the decline to inflation and rising use of social media

READ MORE: US life expectancy falls to lowest level since 1996

Marion Marechal, granddaughter of Jean Marie Le Pen (founder of France’s Front National) and niece of Marine Le Pen (French presidential candidate and runner-up to Macron).

Is this pose just a coincidence or a sign of the family’s ties?

What’s behind gender denial?

Student fails quiz by answering that only women can give birth

BREAKING LEAKED VIDEO: CEO of IBM – admits to using coercion to fire people and take away their bonuses unless they discriminate

COVID Nurse Exposes Deadly Hospital Protocols.

As a nurse, she could see that we were being lied to when COVID was first announced, because, the hospitals were locked down, elective surgeries were stopped, and the hospital she worked in became completely empty, but the news broadcasts were telling the public that they were full and overwhelmed.

he nurse knew she needed to critically analyse what she was being told to do, such as the administration of Remidisvir, which she knew to be an experimental use authorisation medication, and the only drug they were allowed to give patients who were hospitalised with “Covid.”

However, Remidisvir is an antiviral and she knew from her nursing training in her bachelor’s degree that an antiviral should not be given more than 24 to 48 hours post-symptom onset for a viral infection.but patients were usually not given it until between ten and twelve days post-symptom onset, which does more harm than good.

Savvy Granny writes- 

“The Judaic Supremacy and Judenstaat built their Freemasonry on the older Order of Noachites.  In the Ceremonial Oath they swear to behave like ‘true Noachides and instruct the younger brothers using all Endeavors to increase Brotherly Love.’  The phrase ‘all Endeavors’ means one of the universal objects of all Masonry is to promote the Noachide Laws and get them imposed upon all goy populations.  The Muslims and the Masons will probably get this assignment in the Western nations.

In every captured state undergoing subversion and configuration to Jewish World Order, that is to say all UN member nations, every goy leader must be a Noachide or Mason under his or her B’nai B’rith master. 

The Judaic Supremacy would not be able to rule without the Masonic Agenture, especially ‘those smart goy Masons who know too much’.  They are doomed because they are aware of this and that is why they have to double down especially at this time of maximum exposure.


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