Declare Open Season On the RothsRats & Their Globalist Flunkies, Scamdemics Will End & Peace Will Break Out

It is my firm belief when Jesus called these hairless with pigs fornicating sheep monkeys sheep, it was not a term of endearment.

The sheep have exasperated me life after life.
They are gullible, opportunistic, easily made to make war against God, the Earth and their own kind for the benefit of the jackals.

But without the jackals, there would be no world wars, no evil “central banks”, no organized campaigns to mutilate children, promote perversions, worship demon “gods”.

The sheep’s willingness to be dumb bunnies working against their own kind is a symptom of the disease.
The disease is the demonically possessed jackals.

Eliminate the disease, the symptoms disappear.

The Ole Dog!


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