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I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really pissed about all these “terror” news articles. Terrorism here, terrorism there – we must stop terrorism; we must fight terrorism; the terrorists must lose! Every time some Islamist attack happens – it’s terrorism. Every time someone is killed, beheaded; its terrorism. Every time someone bombs himself to death and kills dozens of people in the process – it’s terrorism.

Let us be logical here for a moment. If I want to terrorize someone – be it a person, a neighborhood, a city, government, nation – whatever – I must survive. In order for me to keep on terrorizing these people, I have to keep on living. If I suicide myself into oblivion – how is that terrorism? You see, if I want to be a successful terrorist – then I have to keep on doing it – because Terrorism is an on-going process. That is to say, it has an actual ending – when I get what I wanted. Usually, you terrorize someone because you demand something from them. Therefore, a suicide attack is not an act of Terror.

Nevertheless, let us look into the definition of Terrorism :

the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

See? You use certain tactics to get something. Therefore, you must continue to live. Now, we must use even more Critical thinking here to get to the bottom of this. Who is it that always has benefited so far from Terrorism and has practically had no victims of his own? Yes indeed, our biggest ally – the Jew. And they have a political aim, don’t they? They use violence and intimidation when necessary – the violence is usually projected through their cousins – the Arabs and Muslims – once upon a time, not so long ago, Christians were doing the violence as well; while the intimidation is performed through Religion, Money, Media, Politics, Business, etc.

So, you see – when a Muslim bombs himself – he has no idea what the real purpose of it is. His act is religious – he does it in the name of God and believes he will end up in Heaven. Therefore, all these attacks, deaths, bombings – are basically acts of Islam – on their surface level. They are not acts of “Terrorism” – they are Religious acts. No one else has even the idea of suicide bombing himself to accomplish something. As said – on the surface level we could say that Muslims are using Violence and Intimidation to further their own Political aim – Jihad – that is to say turning the whole planet into Islam – but, there is no need to call it terrorism – this is plain Islam.

However, the Jewish media has made people believe that “Terrorism” is simply a group of underground “Terrorists” who have nothing better to do than constantly suicide themselves to death. Their group wouldn’t last long, now would it? Therefore, this has nothing to do with Terrorism. On its obvious, plain level, it is Islam.

The deeper level, the deeper meaning, however – becomes only visible to those who understand the Jewish power behind all of this. Then, and only then, can we talk about Terrorism. The real source of Terrorism are the Jews. And people must begin to understand this difference. Therefore, we have an alien Religion problem (two, if you add Christianity) and a Terror problem.

We can therefore finalize the definition of “Terrorism” into its actual, real-life meaning :

the use of Islam and Economic, Religious, Ideological and Media Power in the pursuit of creating the Jew World Order.

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