Do NOT Date, Marry or Have Children with COVID-19 Vaccinated GMO People, They are DNA DAMAGED ETERNALLY



GMO Humans, is this something out of Sci Fi movies or video games? Not really, not at all actually, they have gotten us used with the idea of genetic modified organisms gradually. First they begun with cereals such as corn and wheat but then they moved on to fruits and vegetables and then even living actual flesh organism. Did you know that there is GMO fish out there nowadays and GMO deer released into the wild and so on?

This is not a joke and no we’re not going to offer links and sources for everything we are going to say here. This is not an encyclopedia, if you have anything in doubt just Google it out. Do your own research, you can Google “GMO fish” for example.

A few years ago I’ve played a very interesting game called Bioshock, the main story was guess, what? Gene splicing. There was this elitist underwater society who took GENE therapy shots to “become better” and as years passed on they became in fact worse and worse for you see man is already a perfect being created in the image of God but the city called Rapture from Bioshock, wanted more and now our elites from our real world want more.

The difference between the two is that in Rapture they actually wanted to make things better and everything went horribly wrong while in our real world these demons that rule over us know very well that this is going to go wrong and that’s exactly what they want.

In that game, gene therapy resulted in strange mutations of the flesh and supernatural but damaging powers which they became addicted to, in our world the vaccine is about to do the same, especially if you take many and many and many doses just as they now require their loyal morons to do, they will become addicted to this vaccine like a drug, believing that without it they can’t survive or can’t feel satisfaction anymore.

They’re now saying you need about 5 shots a year, INDEFINITELY and despite you taking these gene splicing shots, you will still be forced to wear a mask, maintain social distancing government tyrannical rules and you still are not considered immune to their imaginary COVID-19 which MAY NOT EVEN EXIST AT ALL, as even China said that up to this day they still did NOT ISOLATE the virus. Do you know what this means? Do you understand? It MAY NOT EVEN EXIST, its a myth, a lie, imaginary.

Now continuing supposing it does exist, how exactly is this vaccine helping you? In what way if vaccinated or not you have to obey to the same oppressive rules? Why do they still require people to wear a mask and all of that? Its simple because they need to maintain the psychosis and the paranoia alive. They need people being afraid. Disgusting Godless people who value their flesh more than their soul. Vomit of the Earth who will end up in Hell and rot for they trusted a government and a private corporation more than God, instead of praying “Ohhh help me Jesus, I care not if I die, I only care to go to Heaven.” their prayer is “Ohhh save me government, here is my arm inject everything you want in it, I just don’t want to die, I am scared of death because I am Godless and I believe this is all there is and if I die, I remain dead and there’s no life after death.”

Yeah that’s really how it is, we gotta call a spade a spade and a duck a duck! These panicked people so scared of death are in reality godless soulless monsters. Fear not death for God is with you if you believe in Him you simpleton. Did Jesus fear death? Have the apostles fear death???

All of this is temporary, no matter what your government injects in you, YOU WILL STILL DIE sooner or later. What’s the difference between sooner and later? Trust in God, strive to save your soul not your flesh for your flesh will die anyway and no man great or small, rich or poor has ever lived forever. Have you ever wondered why there is such a thing as death in the first place if humans “evolved” from nothing into perfection? Why not evolve to simply not die? This death is our punishment for sleeping with the devil back in the Garden of Eden.

Now after this small explanation, AGAIN, we ask the question: How exactly is this “vaccine” helping you if vaccinated or not you still have to obey to the same social distancing laws? Why would you trust such an illogical government providing you with such a dubious PRIVATE CORPORATIONS MADE “vaccine” which basically changes nothing in your daily life???

However, we don’t wanna stay fixated on that question too much because this is all part of their circus show, at some point they will lift all the restrictions only for the vaccinated people while leaving them in place for the unvaccinated people, calling them “a public health danger”. The reality will be that the public health danger are the vaccinated ones. Just you wait and see, this is a prediction.

The vaccinated will pressure the unvaccinated people to go along, submit and go do “the right thing” as everyone else. There will be words like “Look we all vaccinated and we’re all here nice and healthy, stop it with your conspiracy theories and go vaccinate yourself like everyone else.”

The problem is, while people do die from this vaccine, its purpose is not to kill, these are just unwanted accidents. Had they wanted to kill us all, they would have done it by now through any other means. What they wanna do is permanently genocide the white Caucasian race of people by damaging their DNA.

Whosoever takes this “vaccine” which is not even a vaccine in the normal definition of the word vaccine (which implies a dead or half-dead virus) is subject to permanent and HEREDITARY DNA damage and this is exactly what they want. They know that not everybody will vaccinate but what they want is for the vaccinated to mix with the unvaccinated so that they permanently taint, pollute and destroy our perfect European genes.

Its primary goal is chemical castration and cancer. People who take this mRNA platform will become infertile in the years to come. They will be unable to have children. Those with stronger bodies who managed to beat their “platform” and can still reproduce, will have babies with all sorts of abnormalities and autisms. Just look at GMO cereals and GMO animals and fish.

This is genetic terrorism, this is the destruction of God’s perfect work by Satan himself. They want to destroy all of God’s natural seeds which He has placed on this Earth. This is it, this is probably the mark of the beast, or maybe it will follow right after it but this is it, this is the moment we’ve been all waiting for. The beginning of the end. Surely God is very infuriated at us by now, judgement day is upon us.

The very few children that will be born in the years to come will be GMO and even if they appear to be normal, they won’t be able to reproduce or something of some kind will be wrong with them. Problems will occur in mass in the years to come and they will blame the virus itself. They are already preparing the ground by saying that COVID-19 itself is causing infertility, yeah the virus itself, not their vaccine. So you see? They already have their script written we just don’t know it.

Why do you think they want everyone vaccinated to carry a vaccine passport? Why is everyone vaccinated introduced into a computer database at the hospital? This has never been done before. They did this so they can keep track of people who are GMO so the remaining handful elites don’t accidentally mix with these GMO people.

For the elites its going to be like: “Ohh my son just met this beautiful young lady problem is, she’s one of those, you know… GMO, she has a passport, she’s in the database, so… I told him I looked her up and now he broke up with her.” This is going to be some real blue blood type of bs you can’t even imagine.

The elite know, Bill Gates called this vaccine “a platform with endless possibilities”, not a vaccine, Mark Zuckerberg said that he will not take this DNA altering vaccine and so on. The elite know, they got the memo, they wanna get rid of you peasants out there.

So with that being said, avoid dating, marrying or making a baby outside of wedlock with a person vaccinated this this mRNA platform. If its your own spouse which you already had, sure why not, go ahead and give it a try, all of this theory of ours, in the end could just end up to be WRONG or how the Jewish mainstream media would say “fake news” even though this is NOT news and its NOT fake. Its an OP-ED, an opinion post. An opinion can’t be fake. It can be wrong but not fake. This article addresses SINGLE and SINGLE people ONLY because we don’t wanna break up existing couples.

So if you are single, do not under any way shape or form, taint yourself and your genes with these dirty people, these people who injected this poison in them, stay away from them like as if they are plagued. Do not reproduce with a vaccinated person, do not date one either so you won’t fall in love. Don’t even offer them a chance. Just ask straight from day 1 if they are vaccinated or not and if they plan to do so and if yes then just say goodbye and move on. If you are a man, men usually choose women by how they look while women choose men by their riches, so if you are a man, it doesn’t matter the most beautiful woman in the world comes to you, no matter how hot she is, abstain yourself. Tell her begone! If you are a woman, resist his riches and your natural cravings for treasures for they do not bring happiness but only misery.

Now watch this video, this perfectly describes what we are saying here in this op-ed:

In this movie they act as if ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh there is some opposition to the plan, there are people actually debating this evil plan but in reality there are none. They are all cheering, shaking hands and toasting over this. In the end remember, we hope and pray to God that none of this will happen and the world would just return to normal as it was….? let’s say back in 2015.

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