Documentary Called “SOROS” Portrays the Globalist Boogeyman as ‘One of the Biggest Actors for GOOD the World has Ever Known’

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Those who know me and follow my writings also know that I am no fan of George Soros.Actually, that is not strong enough. I believe that Mr. Soros is one of the MOST EVIL and DANGEROUS men on the planet.

I have written often about Soros, mostly to warn others about the evil NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) which are run and funded by him.

In the midst of the stolen election (It’s still not over) I have read many commentaries linking Soros to the Dominion voting machines as well as to the Software which can easily flip votes for the Left and did flip Trumps votes to Biden.

Some sources are claiming that over 2 million votes were flipped to Biden. As soon as the massive voter fraud was exposed, my mind went right to the villain, Soros.

Before I bring out my last article on this man, have…

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One Response to “Documentary Called “SOROS” Portrays the Globalist Boogeyman as ‘One of the Biggest Actors for GOOD the World has Ever Known’”

  1. Itajara says:

    Soros must be stopped before he destroys Communism forever! What he did in Poland with the Solidarity “trade union” was just horrible. He injected them with his 30 (million) pieces of silver (dollars) to encourage them to strike. That’s even on his Wikipedia page. He also centralized efforts between the Vatican and CIA to give them more money and intel. Last time the CIA and Holy See-Saw worked so close together it was Operation Paperclip and the Vatican ratlines effectively doing “ride-shares”.

    Anyway Gorbachev and Pope JP2 played a decent sized roll on shutting the Commies down in Europe, too. I can sort of forgive Gorby, because he knew that Social Democrats have a less totalitarian way to govern- so he had started championing that instead of slightly reformed Stalinism. But I cannot forgive JP2- I mean the guy worships a Jew! Nothing good can come from that.

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