Every Vax-Injured Person Needs to See This: Recovery Insights from Dr. Peter McCullough

OpenVAERS data indicates that millions of individuals worldwide have suffered injuries due to COVID-19 injections, an alarming figure that does not even account for the underreporting factor, which is believed to be around 30.

As such, millions of individuals are asking, “What can I do to try to reduce my risks of vaccine spike protein damage in the human body?”

Well, world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough has dropped some critical information that every COVID-19 vaccine-injured person ought to hear.

He says, “If we don’t address the spike protein, it’s not going to get better.”

The esteemed physician and Chief Scientific Officer of The Wellness Company recommended three key substances to effectively address spike protein syndromes:

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1.) Nattokinase. Why? It degrades spike proteins, as suggested by preclinical studies.

• Take 2000 units twice a day.

2.) Bromelain. Why? Similar to nattokinase, it also breaks down spike proteins.

• Take 500 milligrams once a day

3.) Curcumin. Why? Reduces inflammation and spike protein damage.

• Take 500 milligrams twice a day and combine with 5 or 10 mg of piperine to enhance its absorption.

That summarizes Dr. McCullough’s “Base Spike Detoxification” protocol.


Hydroxychloroquine: Added if there are signs of autoimmunity.

Ivermectin: Included if there are signs of persistent infection.

Colchicine: Used if there are significant signs of pleuropericardial problems (involving the membrane around the heart and lungs).

Nicotine Patch or Oral Aciclovir: These are considered if there are neurological symptoms like brain fog.

Low-dose Naltrexone: Used to enhance the body’s natural painkilling response and reduce inflammation.



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