FEMA Stockpiling Body Bags Since Katrina’s Top Secret Gun Confiscation Scheme


(TellMeNow) Right after Hurricane Katrina, FEMA swooped into the area in aid of distraught residents, and the military tagged along. What a lot of people don’t know is, that the military wasn’t just there to help those in need, but they were there to disarm Katrina sufferers. Since then, the government has been stockpiling body bags and creating useless FEMA camps in case of future “natural” disasters.

An untold story by the media is coming to light as of late informing the public that during the recovery relief after hurricane Katrina, the military was confiscating weapons. They went so far as to clear block by block, each and every house, crashing down doors if they weren’t allowed entry or if the residence was empty.

Several residents who thought they were just fine, would unexpectedly get a knock on the door demanding to let military soldiers in. Once inside—whether through compliance or force—citizens were then subjected to a warrantless search where the military sought out for weapons.
Here are just a few accounts explaining the confiscation:

Now, during the aftermath of Katrina, several residents took to keeping their guns close by to protect themselves, their homes, and their property (mainly food). Soldiers taking away guns were claiming that they were doing it out of safety for everyone saying that this way, people couldn’t use the weapons to rob anyone—and if they refused, kill them.

In all reality, they wanted to swarm in, and under the cover of a relief effort, disarm a large a population as possible—and they did. While they were doing this, FEMA camps were being set up, this time to actually help those in need, but what people didn’t know, is the government was preparing for something a little more sinister.

Right under their noses, while everyone was worried about their own problems, the DHS was shipping in countless body bags—in case things got out of control. Since that point, the DHS hasn’t stopped accumulating these supplies, or creating FEMA camps for that matter.

Now of course, the government claims these establishments are more of a preemptive action in case it will be needed for future need—in occurrence of another hurricane, or earthquake—but the logic just doesn’t make sense. Many of these camps are being placed “strategically” around the nation in places where natural disasters are least likely to happen.

Beyond that, what is the continued purchase of body bags for? What is the government expecting that is going to result in the lost lives of so many?
A revolution perhaps?

Many speculate that the government is predicting an all out war between patriots and the government as they threaten their way to complete tyranny. The government will shoot down any that oppose them as they peruse their agenda for a complete, “whatever” form of government they desire—one that is sure to give the rule complete and utter control.

In doing so, all freedom loving Americans that will be deemed treasonous, will need a place to be imprisoned. And isn’t it just a giant coincidence they already have all those empty, worthless FEMA camps already set up at their disposal?

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