Following The Chemtrails Tutorial

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This excellent and well researched series provides the background and historical precedent for what is happening in our skies today. ie: “chemtrails”.

However,  Part IV: A Timeline of Significant Chemtrail Events is missing an important entry that provides the origin of the world “chemtrails” and an opportunity to download the complete “Chemtrails” manual published by the DoD in 1990.  *** Continue

Following the Chemtrails-Introduction

In British Columbia, numerous Morgellons sufferers believe that mysterious fibers and microscopic slivers removed from their bodies are nanotech devices, sprayed onto the unwitting populace by jets. David Icke sees trails of gum-like residue littering the Isle of Wight … Continue reading →

Following the Chemtrails I: Jets

Following the Chemtrails II: Contrails and Clouds

Long before there were commercial jet flights, observers on the ground were curious – and sometimes concerned – about the vapour trails that materialized behind planes. They are still being studied today. In this post, we’ll look at some of … Continue reading →

Following the Chemtrails III: Aerial Spraying Operations – Military Chaff

Almost as soon as any type of aircraft becomes widely available, it seems, people start to spray stuff out of it – for benign or malicious purposes. In 1906, an enterprising New Zealand farmer attempted to sow a flooded, temporarily … Continue reading →  

Following the Chemtrails III.5: Aerial Spraying Operations, Past and Present

Now that we’ve covered anti-radar chaff, let’s look at other military and civilian operations that involve aerial spraying. Parallels have been drawn between every one of these practices and chemtrails.   Biological and chemical warfare Cold War era U.S. and … Continue reading →

Following the Chemtrails IV: A Timeline of Significant Chemtrail Events

Part IV of Following the Chemtrails Where did it all begin? In researching chemtrail sightings and theories, I was stunned to learn that this phenomenon didn’t begin with people noticing persistent contrails in the sky, wondering what they could be, … Continue reading →

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  1. S.M. Elliott says:

    Please remove these links from this blog. As I have explained at my blog, my Following the Chemtrails series does NOT support the theory of “chemtrails” and weather manipulation, as careful reading will show. I do NOT want my material on a blog that advertises or sells anti-Semitic literature.

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