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We all know the share market, CFD, option trading, commodities, forex etc, is a creation by the financial institutes (big bankers) to make extra money on the side. They do this by buying orders at low prices, because they control the foot soldiers on wall street, and the whole trading system. Have a look next time when you are monitoring a currency pair. Look at when the volumes rise in the millions, then compare it to the price spikes.

Lets say the bankers want to go long (expect price to rise). Lets say the currency pair they are buying is NZD/GPY market price is at 83.1220, the bankers will enter an order to buy 1 millon at a special price of  83.1000. This order is already 220 pips lower, so they have already made money just by entering the market.

They other way the bankers guarantee success is by buying their own orders. Remember the special discounted prices they enter in the market, well this works well when they decide to create a second order to buy up their first order.

The way it works is like this, they enter the first order, going long, expecting price to rise, then they enter their second order to go short, expecting price to drop. Again they buy into their second order at a special price, but this time at a much higher price than their first order to ensure a big profit. They continue this way with their third and fourth order and so on.

the screenshot below is an example of what the spikes look like on a graph as the bankers enter their orders.

I am using FXCM trading station, I just found out that my custom entry orders do not execute. The market dropped to 40 pips lower than my entry order and still have not executed. FXCM is already dodgy enough.
Contacted FXCM live chat, they said they are investigating the problem. Their MetaTrader 4 platform is also dodgy.

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