Former host Rebekah Roth exposed as possible government plant sent to infiltrate ‘truth movement’

(NaturalNews) Regular listeners of may remember host Rebekah Roth. She was recently dropped from the network after it became apparent that, frankly, she was not who she said she was and, in fact, may even have been an agent provocateur whose mission is to disrupt and discredit the “truth movement.”

“Although we work hard to protect the identities of hosts on TalkNetwork, when we attempted to communicate with Rebekah Roth about claims that her entire back story was fraudulent and her name wasn’t real, she became belligerent and attacked me for even asking for clarification,” said Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Heath Ranger and co-founder of, in a statement.

“Observing her behavior, we came to find that she’s an expert in infiltration and provocateur-type operations, getting groups of people to turn on each other and causing chaos inside the truth movement,” Adams continued. “She’s done it with other networks before, and she’ll no doubt try to repeat the same scheme somewhere else in the alternative media.”

Upon further investigation, Natural News discovered that Roth has been outed by others. In a video report posted on YouTube on Christmas Day, researchers at Truth Frequency Radio reported:

When Rebekah Roth first came on the scene several months ago, we all applauded: Who wouldn’t? There aren’t nearly enough women in the 9/11 Truth community, and certainly not very many knowledgeable ones. Throughout the next several months, the whistleblower mask began to fall off and she began displaying many character traits that are undesirable to TFR as a talk radio network based on a “NO HATE, HYPE OR FEAR” mentality.

TFR went on to note that Roth became increasingly bigoted and hateful in her speech, but that she eventually left the network on her own. After she departed, the network says, she began a campaign of slander against talk host Pete Santillinow on – and others using the name “Monika Gainor.”

TFR noted further:

Realizing that this person was a fraud, other researchers such as former U.S. Attorney Kurt Haskell and journalist Jim Fetzer started doing independent research on this Rebekah Roth/Monika Gainor personality. What they found was shocking, and revealed more than a simple multi-level marketing pyramid scheme. In fact, it could even go as deep as the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.

“Her behavior was a red flag for me, as I’ve seen this before with government operatives whose mission is to create maximum chaos and dissent among truthers while claiming to be ‘victims’ of those who out them as fakes,” Adams noted. “Based on the information I’ve seen over the last few days, it is my belief that Rebekah Roth is, at minimum, a dangerous sociopath who feeds on getting people to turn against each other. She may even be a paid operative whose marching orders are to infiltrate and destroy any group that challenges the status quo.”

Roth initially gained notoriety and acceptance within the truth movement after the release of two books she allegedly wrote, Methodical Illusion and Methodical Deception, both of which attempted to debunk the “official explanation” for what happened on Sept. 11, 2001. She had made a number of appearances on various talk radio programs within the alternative media, serving as an “authority” on the subject.

But her act quickly grew thin.

“I want to congratulate the truth movement for rooting out this nefarious person and exposing the truth about her to the entire community,” said Adams. “Now that her fake persona of Rebekah Roth has been exposed, she will no doubt don a new wig and new moniker to try to re-infiltrate other organizations, posing as yet another new person who claims to represent the ‘truth.’

“My advice to the entire truth movement is to steer clear of this dangerous, sociopathic personality and save yourself the trouble of dealing with her lies and false accusations,” he said.


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