God Bless The Irish!

If you do not understand reincarnation, you can not understand how this world works or why the majority of things going on in this world is done the way they are.

The Jews are not an ethnicity, not a bloodline, not a nationality.
A Jew denotes one self identifies as a member of the Babylonian Talmud

inspired pedophile’s end of times death cult.

Todays Jew are in no way descendants of the Biblical Judeans or Israelites.
They are Non Semitic red Russia Tnurkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrels.

These cult members are soul-less animals, they are demonically possessed.

The current head of the snake you are allowed to see, is this evil soul-less animal.

I assure you there are beings above this sewer Rat, but you are not allowed to see them.

The Jews are demonic host who are allowed to rape children, steal, start wars, mass murder, do any and every deviant act their diseased minds controlled by demonic forces can dream up, usually with no consequences.

Here and there one is thrown under the bus as a distraction or a sacrificial being to take the pressure off of the ones higher on the food chain.

All this mass invasion of European countries and America is a well planned campaign to do away with advanced societies which might put up a fight against being treated like the Palestinians are in their own home land.

Here is where reincarnation comes in.
This is not a color of your skin thing.
This is not where you were born thing.
This is about mixing more advanced souls with souls which have not become as advanced.

Each society has it’s own rules, customs, ways of doing things.
Souls for the most part advance spiritually at a speed tied to the society they are born and grow up in.

The spiritual advancement of a soul is a very slow process taking many many lives.
If you bring in smalll numbers of immigrants into a more advanced society in which they are forced to assimilate into their adopted society, follow the rules of their host society or face the consequences, a society can take in immigrants and not be destroyed by allowing a small number of souls into their culture who are not as advanced spiritually.

It will still take that soul several lives to get up to speed in their adopted society.

But if you throw open the flood gates to souls who are still spiritually speaking’s in the dark ages, the host society will be destroyed and dragged down to a less spirtually advanced society.

The Jew cult members for hundreds of years have been trying to drag all advanced societies back into the spiritual dark ages so the cult can control all the earth and make slves of all non cult members they allow to live.

That wars are being done to destroy the countries from which the less advanced souls are pouring into the more advanced European and American societies is no accident.

Money is made off of the wars by taxing folks and buying weapons of war from Jew Cult controlled companies.
But the main objective is to force these people to flood Europe and America to drag America and Europe down spitually.

Any political whore

advocating unchecked invasion by foreign refugees from the Rothschild’s wars

into the country they pretend to represent, has either taken the 30 shekels to betray humanity, are probably being blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery

child rape videos.

The common people’s sweat of their brows are taken as taxes to fund the invasion which is destroying their own country and society.

When the p[eople protest, they are called “far right wing”, or “racist”, or “ignorant” by the political whores betraying them and making war against their society.

Rapes against indigenous little girls, women and even little boys is in epidemic proportion.
Stealing and looting of stores by the 3ed world invaders is killing businesses

Now one of the invaders into Ireland has stabbed several children at a school and a young women who worked there.
The Indigenous Irish have been complaining about the betrayal of the Irish people at the hands of the Rothschild’s whored out political prostitutes for a very long time.

This was the straw which broke the camel’s back.
They took to the streets burning hotels where the enemy invaders of the Irish are being housed with the Irish’s tax funds.
they burned some vehicles and generally just raised hell the way only the Irish know how.

An Irishman who is a cousin going back to our shared ancestor Brian Boru: The Legendary High King of Ireland, once said:

I am over a quarter Irish myself, with double that in Viking with a temper from hell being duly noted in my family lines.

Great Great type Uncle Richard the Lionhearted when someone made a remark about the fiery temper running through the blood would say:
“From the devil we came and to the Devil we shall return.

My answer to ass holes like these political whores has always been grab a sword and yell charge!

But might I suggest there is another way.
Humanity world wide convenes Nuremberg Common Law Tribunals, give fair trials to those working against the people for the benefit of the Ratschild’s End of Times Death Cult, followed by fair hangings.

Even if you have no Irish in you, you just have to admire the attitude of the Irish.

The Ole Dog!


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