Gold, silver and bitcoin SOAR as US Dollar nears Collapse



Investors are no longer buying what the private Federal Reserve banking cartel is trying to sell them.

Inflation continues to roar, as are the prices for gold, bitcoin and other non-fiat assets that continue to outperform increasingly worthless U.S. paper dollars. Gold is teetering at an all-time high, as is bitcoin. Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar is, well, not as popular as it once was.

The U.S. stock market, led by Nvidia and a couple other stocks, is also oscillating at an all-time high while the rest of the market drops. All of this combined with steadily rising inflation points to an impending crash of the U.S. monetary system, especially since the Fed has not even begun slashing interest rates yet.

We have been hearing for months how the U.S. economy is in a “soft landing” and “deflationary” trend, but the numbers tell a different story, as does investor behavior across the markets.

Breakevens, which measure where the market bets inflation will be, are increasing as well. This means that pretty much all indicators point to investors no longer trusting what the Fed is saying, which in and of itself shows signs of an impending black swan event.

Things look bad for Biden

Everything currently taking place in the markets is bad news for President Biden, whose reelection year will probably not go as planned with the way things are going.

The so-called “juice” from last year’s massive loosening of financial conditions is wearing off at the worst possible time, which spells impending economic disaster unless the powers that be can keep it rigged up for a little bit longer.

“And as a reminder, The Fed is entirely apolitical and would never cut-rates in an election year to juice sentiment in the face of all this ‘animal spirits 2.0’ growth and sticky inflation, and record high stock valuations…. right?” joked Zero Hedge about the situation.

Keep in mind that in just a few short days, the bank-protection measures imposed last year following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Signature Bank and a few others expire on March 11, 2024. What will happen after that, we wonder?

“Something’s gonna break,” commented someone on X about what he thinks comes next.

“First, they need to stop calling it inflation,” wrote another. “Inflation infers a supply and demand issue. This is pure currency debasement. One trillion dollars every 100 days added to the national debt coupled with a ton of short-term debt needs to get rolled over this year.”

Someone else added that since the Fed, despite being private, acts as a mouthpiece for the government, its governors “should be hanged for not telling the truth about the printing of money and out-of-control spending.”

“Powell is like the others before,” this person added.

Another recalled how career criminal and politician Nancy Pelosi purchased call options for Nvidia back in November right before the stock’s meteoric rise, which profited her and her criminal husband millions of dollars in capital gains.

“I think they are really going to take us to war,” said another, emphasizing the tried-and-true deep state playbook of bringing the world to war before an impending economic crash. “I’m really starting to think the unthinkable will happen. The U.S. has no way out financially and the empire cannot be maintained.”


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