Googling ‘Happy White Women’ Shows Romantic Images of Negro Men With White Women

The miscegenation agenda of the devious jews at Google couldn’t get any clearer.

Quite a heavy dose of images showing nigger men snuggled up to white women, some of whom are pregnant or have a mulatto child.

This is what the jews have been promoting through advertising for decades.

The malevolent jewish elites want white women to be sexually conquered by the dark races, thereby breeding whites out of existence through miscegenation. This is a key facet of the jews’ Protocols of Zion agenda to take over the world by eliminating all competition and enslaving a low-IQ mutt race on jewish plantations.

Whites are the only true competitors of jews in terms of global power. We whites once ruled the whole world through colonialism. Jews envy our success as a race and seek to prevent us from ever collectivizing again to achieve great feats.

They go after weak targets, white women, who are easily led into self-destructive trends like race-mixing, feminism and degeneracy. That’s why we must first take away some women’s rights so white men can establish dominion over our realm once again. Then all the jews must be sent to Israel and banned from ever returning to our lands.

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