Hannibal Run: Biden Admin Warns Florida May Get Swamped By “Mass Migration” Wave From Haiti

If only someone had given the Clintons a few more billion to vaporize as they “fixed” Haiti using a criminal combo of toxic  constructionfailed investments and the promotion of deadend macroeconomic policies before its president was assassinated in broad daylight, and before the whole island turned into a anarchic, warlord ridden, Mad Max wasteland of cannibals, maybe things could have turned out different. Or maybe not.

With the world still shocked at the whirlwind events taking place in the formerly quaint Caribbean island, on Tuesday Department of Defense officials testifying in Congress discussed the possibility of a “mass migration” into Florida as conditions in Haiti continue to deteriorate. Call it a… Hannibal Run?

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz said during the House Armed Services Committee hearing that he was “deeply concerned” about the possibility of a large number of Haitian migrants amid the chaos in the Caribbean, coming to the Sunshine State “as a Florida man.”

At Tuesday’s hearing, Gaetz asked what President Joe Biden’s administration was doing to prepare for a “wave” of migrants fleeing Haiti, prompting DoD official Rebecca Zimmerman to say that preparations were being made for a potential increase in refugees.

“Congressman, we’re doing a number of things to ensure that we’re keeping track of the situation and we’re prepared,” said Zimmerman. “At the moment, we have not yet seen large numbers—what we would characterize as a maritime mass migration.”

Gaetz then interjected: “Do you anticipate a mass migration, though?”

“We are alert to that possibility,” Zimmerman responded. “I think you’re right that the driving conditions in Haiti could very well press more people. So, we’ve recently approved some additional assistance that we can provide to the Coast Guard.”

Gaetz then asked Army General Laura Richardson, commander of U.S. Southern Command, whether the government should “activate the authorities, anticipating a mass migration.”

“I think that we need to be postured appropriately for that,” Richardson said. “I have put in a request for increase capability to do exactly that. And we are ready if we need to deal with a mass migration.”

Conditions in Haiti have been becoming increasingly dire in recent months due to widespread gang violence and civil unrest. Armed gangs now reportedly control around 80% of Port-au-Prince, with Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry announcing his resignation on Tuesday.

While the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince remains open, some personnel have recently been evacuated from the facility due to the ongoing violence in the Haitian capital.

The embassy said in a release on Monday that “the U.S. military conducted an operation” to bolster security, allow “operations to continue,” and help “non-essential personnel to depart.”

Last week, the embassy warned U.S. citizens to “depart Haiti as soon as possible by commercial or other privately available transportation options, in light of the current security situation and infrastructure challenges.”

While the resignation of Henry had been demanded by the gangs occupying Port-au-Prince, it is unclear whether the situation will soon improve in Haiti as a result of the resignation being announced.

Henry said that he would leave office following the formation of a transitional council, although concerns remain that the gang leaders may reject a new interim leader chosen by the council and demand they control the government instead.

As for anyone expecting the Biden admin to actually do something – for once – about the next migration flood of cannibals undocumented carnivores, don’t hold your breath for the following simple reason…


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