Hate Crimes Rise in the Most Diverse State

Contrary to all historical and contemporary evidence, we are told ad nauseum that diversity is our greatest strength. In much of the USSA, diversity has a long history of coercion (recall Eisenhower’s infamous use of federal troops to force school integration in Arkansas) because no racial group truly wants it. Despite endless ZOG spending, propaganda, threats, and intimidation, we still have communities that are largely segregated along racial lines. What remains of the freedom of association is used by all races to live amongst their own kind to the greatest extent they can. The kernel of truth in the “diversity is our greatest strength” lie is that it is one of the strongest tools of the jewish-controlled anti-White government. The power of diversity to disenfranchise, impoverish, demoralize, and ultimately eradicate Whites has not been lost on g*d’s chosen people.

As Harvard professor Robert Putnam explained, in a bout of honesty rare among avowed diversity advocates, our alleged “greatest strength” is responsible for such incredible benefits as: lower confidence in government and news media, lower political efficacy, less cooperation to solve collective dilemmas (like energy or water conservation), less communitarianism, fewer close friends (i.e. social isolation), less happiness and a perceived lower quality of life.

According to Harvard Prof. Robert Putnam, distrust among neighbors is among diversity’s many strengths.

According to new data from California, diversity also contributes mightily to the frequency of hate crimes. The incompatible assemblage of grasping grievance groups who are in competition to scavenge and colonize the California failed state are many and seem to be increasing daily. They are the ingredients for the miscegenated talmudic hell that the kosher nation-wreckers have so insidiously worked to create exclusively in White homelands: sodomites, Aztexicans, blacks, moose-limbs, drones from the Asian termite mound, east Indian simians, and of course jews. Fortunately, the laws of nature are not as easily contravened as banking and financial regulations. Instead of wallowing meekly in the genetic mud-bath drawn for us by the rat-faced men, the “diversity” is beginning to run amok as the healthy aversion to “the other” comes into inevitable conflict with forced and unnatural proximity.

Hate crimes in California are increasing, particularly attacks on Muslims and gay men, after nearly a decade of decline, the state attorney general’s office reported Monday.”

After decades of decline from when California was safe White homeland, it has become a squabbling, fractured mess of mutually hostile racial enclaves. Race differences are real, and cannot be alchemized away by wishful thinking, welfare spending, and lies about equalitarianism. We are apparently meant to feel especially sad for the ‘moose-limb’ and rectally compromised victims of hate crimes, even though the article later mentions that “reported anti-Muslim crimes declined slightly in 2016, from 40 to 37.”

While reported crimes against black victims rose by 8.7 percent, racially motivated crimes reported against whites increased by 64.7 percent, from 34 to 56.”

The one-sided race war continues to escalate as hate crimes against Whites increased more than any other category of hate crime. Whites were likely targeted even more than these statistics represent because only the most horrific and egregious crimes committed against us become classified as hate crimes, and even then, only when the combined efforts of equivocation by the police, prosecutors, and media commentators fail.  In a feat of rabbinical logic, the reporter wants us to feel guilty over the decreasing numbers of mudslime crime victims, while the lowest possible word count is used to mention the skyrocketing rate of anti-White crime and the higher total number of White victims compared to the cube worshipers. As violent brown savages take their toll on the remaining Whites, the duplicitous jew crows about how diversity is (((our))) greatest strength. It certainly seems to be one of their most devastating weapons used in furtherance of White genocide.

More than half of the reported California hate crimes, 519, were motivated by race or national origin – a 21.3 percent increase from 2015 – and 251 were against African Americans, more than any other group of victims cited in the report.”

The incompatibility of a multiracial society is proven out in the crime statistics. The Mestizos and the African nightmare creatures have their own race war going on, and it’s as violent and ugly as the participants. It is important to note that in official ZOG racial statistics, Mestizos are often misrepresented as White; especially when it serves the nefarious purpose of blaming crimes on Whites and ignoring Mestizo criminality. As the demographics of California become increasingly sewage-colored, the average IQ of the state will continue its genetically determined freefall. The state’s institutions and economy will become ever more third world, and the interracial violence will only increase. If you’re one of the few remaining Whites, take care that you don’t become one of these gruesome statistics. You need to be vigilant and you need to be armed.

The largest number of religiously motivated hate crimes were aimed against Jews, the report said: 82 in 2016, compared to 97 in 2015.”

Of course we couldn’t get through an article about hate crimes without a mention of “Oy vey! The poisecution!” It’s surprising we’re not being told that there were six million of these alleged hate crimes, but it looks like the rabbis could only manufacture 82 of them in 2016.

Diversity is the front-line weapon in the jewish war against Whites. Vicious, fecund, and moronic, the brown biological weapons are malignancies that spread aggressively through White homelands and transform them into third world wastelands. We don’t need diversity. We don’t need the undefinable “vibrancy” and hate crimes and ruination that it brings. We need to re-establish our White homelands, and stop White genocide.

Source article: http://www.sfgate.com/crime/article/California-hate-crimes-rise-for-second-straight-11264536.php

Source Article from http://www.renegadetribune.com/hate-crimes-rise-diverse-state/

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