‘He’s Gonna Destroy That Place’: Greg Locke Claims God Has Big Plans to Topple Democrats In 2021

During his Sunday sermon, radical right-wing pastor Greg Locke prophesied that in 2021 God will “dethrone” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, destroy the state of New York, remove California Gov. Gavin Newsom from power and expose the Clinton’s supposed involvement in “pedophile sex-trafficking rings.”

Locke, who was invited to attend President Donald Trump’s RNC acceptance speech at the White House and is among those scheduled to speak at Wednesday’s various so-called Stop The Steal events in Washington, D.C., kicked things off by proclaiming that “God Almighty is about to dethrone Nancy Pelosi.”

“It’s about to happen,” Locke said. “He’s about to dethrone that baby-butchering mongrel, about to dethrone that woman.”

“I’m telling you right now,” he continued, “if New York doesn’t repent, if New York doesn’t turn around, if New York doesn’t get right with God, if New York don’t recall that crazy, wicked, vile mayor and governor they got, you better know something: God’s gonna reach up, he’s gonna destroy that place. It’s gonna be desolate. It’s gonna be laid waste.”

“God’s about to upset the whole apple cart,” Locke declared. “I’m telling you it’s gonna happen. I can see it. Like a chessboard, I can see it.”

“Old Nero Newsom out in California, a Hitler wannabe,” Locke added. “I’m telling you right now: Old Nero Newsom ain’t staying in power. You hear me? I declare unto you right now: He ain’t staying in power. Old [Andrew] Cuomo, that joker ain’t staying in power. God’s gonna bring the whole thing down. It’s all gonna come toppling down. We [are] about to see some exposure of these bunch of pedophile sex-trafficking rings [that have] been popping up in Hollywood, been popping up in the White House, been popping up overseas. God’s about to expose all of it, I tell you right now. He’s gonna expose every bit of that mess. Every bit of it. I don’t care what WikiLeaks says. I don’t care who they pardon and who they don’t. I’m telling you the Clintons got it coming. God’s gonna expose all of it.”


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