Holocaust Survivors – Genetically Damaged

Holocaust Survivors – Genetically Damaged

It seems that jews will never cease coming up with the most amazing, and unfounded ways to push their holocaust propaganda onto people.  Like any liar caught red handed, the jew will never stop contemplating ways to convince even part of the audience that what they are trying to sell you is real, and they will likely succeed with a few morons here and there.  However, when one goes producing the kind of bold egregious lies like I stumbled across today, it’s hard to imagine even the dumbest of the dumb accepting these fables.

The spawn of these filthy rats, two generations removed, are supposedly suffering because so many of their ancestors survived the work camps of world war two. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Most people who understand the problem with jews, and how they got into power, realize that the holocaust scam is one of the biggest legs propping up their fabled victim status, as well as keeping the public from looking to closely at jews as the real source of evil and destruction on planet earth.  Those who don’t know about it, need only look at the fake shrunken jew heads, soap made from jew fat, jew skin lampshades, and other ridiculous tripe often trotted out as proof of this fabled holocaust.  Of course, one could also look at the numerous holocaust fakers that have been exposed over the years too, but that’s not what this particular article is about.

It turns out, that in order to keep the public convinced that jews are just some kind of poor victims, some kike scientists have come up with a whole new angle.  One, dare I say, that hasn’t been tried before.  Sure, we’ve heard that second generation holocaust survivors suffer from the pain their parents felt, but we’ve yet to actually see someone have the gall to tell us that science can prove it!

According to this article HERE that’s exactly what they are trying to do.  Apparently some scientists took some rats (ok mice, but jews are certainly rats, so maybe it’s a good comparison) and subjected them to the trauma of being taken away from their parents at an early age, and then did some ridiculous gene studies to prove that the offspring of these mice were still feeling the effects of the trauma. What’s funny is, jews always claim not to be a race, yet here they are doing genetic studies to prove that jewish holohoax survivors are now genetically predisposed to traumatic stress disorders!

Here jewish rats practice crying to keep their prey convinced that these predators are actually some kind of victims. Tears without eye drops is the only difficulty jews really experience.

This article is the most pathetic, pouting, whiny, “woe is me” type of propaganda one could possibly imagine, but jews are known to be crybabies, so to some of us, it’s no surprise. Supposedly parents who lived through the DEATH CAMPS (imagine that) were “forever changed by the horrors they witnessed”, so we should feel sorry for them.  At least, that is the actual premise of the article.   Even if not spoken, this is certainly what is implied, and most definitely defines it’s true purpose.

The question is, how can one feel sorry for a bunch of rat faced jews who were never executed, cooked in ovens, gassed with diesel (impossible) or otherwise mistreated by their German captors?  Why is it we should feel sorry for these jews, knowing that jews coldly murdered nearly 60 million people in Russia, starved nearly another 10 million in the Ukraine, and wiped out nearly 3 million Armenians?  Why is it the mainstream media never mentions these mass murders, which actually took place, instead of shoving their fable of six million poor little suffering jews down the throats of the rest of the world?

As a result [of their parents living in work camps], a generation of children grew up in homes in which one, and sometimes both, parents were battling untold emotional demons at the same time they were going about the difficult business of trying to raise happy kids. No surprise, they weren’t always entirely successful.

Well, that’s odd. If their parents were suffering so bad that it affected the children, how were they ever able to face the world again?  If this is the case, surely the civilians of Dresden who were firebombed by jews Roosevelt and Churchill in a real holocaust should be claiming the same thing!  The survivors of people murdered in Stalin’s gulags by the jewish NKVD should also certainly be able to lay claim to the same thing, right?  An interesting thing to note is that those who went into the jew run gulags, almost NEVER came out alive, so there aren’t many “survivors” of these real death camps, which is a stark contrast to Hilter’s Germany, where jews were kept safe in work camps, fashioning the implements of war that the Germans would use to fight off the jewish communists from the east.

Over the years, a large body of work has been devoted to studying PTSD symptoms in second-generation survivors and it has found signs of the condition in their behavior and even their blood – with higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, for example. The assumption – a perfectly reasonable one – was always that these symptoms were essentially learned. Grow up with parents afflicted by the mood swings, irritability, jumpiness and hypervigilance typical of PTSD and you’re likely to wind up stressed and high-strung yourself.

While the jewish media is selling you on the idea that jewish children are just poor victims, their parents are teaching them how to prepare for their next genocide against humans. The jews are predators, not victims.

Better yet, grow up with jewish parents teaching you to play the role of a victim, so that your prey will actually feel sorry for you as you rape and pillage their countries, and keep producing bullshit stories like this one to stave off any uprising.  That has the sound of a much more likely scenario than what this article is trying to convince us of.  The only stress jews really face is trying to feign real human emotion, and keep everyone convinced that the perpetrators behind our ills are actually some kind of poor innocent victims, when they are not. What’s funny is, besides the jews posting reinforcing comments on articles like this one at Yahoo, nobody really buys this crap anymore.

Now, a new paper adds another dimension to the science, suggesting that it’s not just a second generation’s emotional profile that can be affected by a parent’s trauma, it may be their genes too. The study, just published in the journal Biological Psychiatry, was conducted by a team headed by neurobiologist Isabelle Mansuy of the University of Zurich. What she and her colleagues set out to explore went deeper than genetics in general, focusing instead on epigenetics – how genes change as a result of environmental factors in ways that can be passed onto the next generation.

What really happened is jews went looking for some way to scientifically establish a reason for second and third generation “holocaust survivors” to continue to reap reparations (click HERE for a recent article of poor helpless jews who “deserve more” money) from the REAL VICTIMS of World War II. The jews would like us convinced that the (false) trauma suffered by jews in work camps, changed the genes of their children, and their grand children, so thus there is not just (fake) psychological damage, but (also fake) physical damage. This study reminds me of the laughable saying “I’ll smack you so hard your kids will feel it”, but now, they’re actually trying to convince you this is real!

These mice, for the purposes of the study, were the equivalent of first generation of Holocaust survivors. The same mice then fathered young and, like most males of the species, had nothing to do with their upbringing. The pups were raised by their mothers with none of the trauma and separation their fathers had suffered, and yet when they grew up, not only did they exhibit the same anxious behavior, they also had the same signature gene changes.

Scientists study mice to come up with ways for jewish rats to maintain their victim status. They should be studying how to quickly exterminate these diseased rats instead.

I almost want to fall off my chair, and roll around on the floor holding my gut laughing at these statements, but this is no laughing matter (snicker).  I mean, where does one start with such a ridiculously absurd and ludicrous story?  Certainly mice are a good stand in for jewish rats, I’ll give them that much, but beyond that, there is nothing of value to discuss. Somehow, we are supposed to believe that even two generations removed from the stress of a (heaven forbid) work camp, that jews are anxious because someone they never knew worked to build parts for the German war machine?  Oh wait, we’re supposed to be going on the premise that these work camps were horrible death camps, but I just can’t bring myself to speak of it that way.

Like I said, the jews are anxious that people will figure out what a bunch of lying sacks of shit they are, more than they are anxious because grandma got a free tattoo from the Germans.  Speaking of tattoos, why would Germans tattoo jews, give them uniforms, delouse their cloths, and go to so much effort if they were just going to kill them?  Maybe Hitler should have taken a lesson from Stalin and the ruthless jews of the NKVD, because they simply slaughtered the hell out of people, without all the fanfare and expense.  Go watch the video I posted on this article HERE to see how jews go about executing people, and see if you can still buy into the gas chamber hoax.

The Holocaust is hardly the only life crisis that can shape behavior and genes. Survivors of Afghanistan, Iraq or Darfur – or even those who grew up in unstable or abusive homes – can exhibit similar changes. But Holocaust survivors remain one of the best study groups available because their trauma was so great, their population is so well known, and so many of them have gone on to produce children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. Humans, alas, may never run out of ways to behave savagely toward one another. But the better we can understand the price paid by the victims – and the babies of the victims – the better we might be able to treat their wounds.

That’s right “THE HOLOCAUST”! They might as well capitalize every letter, because only THE JEW HOLOHOAX is allowed to be called a holocaust.  If you want to get an understanding of what a holocaust is, and what it means, read this article HERE, because I can assure you, it is nothing close to what jews have depicted in their fables.

That’s right. While some of you believe these poor little children are so shaken and traumatized, they are busy writing taunting messages on warheads to kill more humans.

Others can exhibit changes similar to what “holocaust survivors” do, but as the quote above would have you believe, only jewish holohoax survivors can be considered a good study group, because their trauma was so horrible, so unimaginable, and so well known (because the jewish media pushes it daily), and so many of them have gone on to…wait a minute!  Stop the presses!! How did so many of these victims of death camps go on to produce children, grand children, and great-grandchildren unless they weren’t really death camps at all?

Here is how you can better understand the price paid by the victims.  Look around yourself today.  Look at the millions of homeowners being thrown out on the streets.  Look at the over one million Iraqis being slaughtered by American troops. Look at all of the fake jewish terrorists killing people with their terrorist activities.  Look at your economy collapsing around you.  Look at the filth being shoveled down your throats by jew owned Hollywood, and the jewish media.  If you want to understand the price paid by the victims of World War II, look at Dresden, Nagasaki, and Hiroshima.

Look at yourselves, and all other humans around the world, because the communist jews won WWII, and WE HUMANS ARE THE VICTIMS of the jews and their depravity, murder, nation wrecking, usury, deceit, oppression, and genocide. It is YOUR BABIES that will continue to pay a heavier price as time goes by, and the only way to treat the wounds of the real victims is to rid yourself of the parasite doing the damage. Period.


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