How Israel ordered troops to fire at Israelis on 7 October

On The Electronic Intifada livestream last week I gave an overview of my most recent article, explaining the latest revelations about how Israel killed Israelis on 7 October.

A recent major investigative piece in the Hebrew press revealed how, deep in an underground bunker below Tel Aviv, Israel’s supreme military HQ at midday on 7 October gave all units permission to let rip with the “Hannibal Directive,” Israel’s suicidal military doctrine.

As usual for such livestream segments, we added visual elements to the overview I gave on camera. The clip is going very viral on YouTube right now.

Watch the whole 15 minute segment in the video above.

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2 Responses to “How Israel ordered troops to fire at Israelis on 7 October”

  1. Awake Goy Awake Goy says:

    Smells like a psyop to make HAMAS look legit.

  2. ALBERT says:

    No surprise since the jews have always done that. Soros helped Nazis to corner jews to send them to camps for example, this piece of shit brags about it and is still free.

    The 7 October attack was probably manufactured like everything the bloodsuckers do.

    Nice article here on unz review (a probable mossad operation posing as critic of the international jewry parasites)

    Four Ways the Destruction of Israel Can Benefit the West

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