I Come With The Truth Which Will Set You Free Said God’s Messenger

I come with the truth which will set you free said God’s messenger-
You are the driver of your own destiny’s vehicle and not a passenger-

No one is coming to die for your sins or to save your soul from your own evil ways and lust-
It is pull yourself up by your own bootstraps or fall on your ass in the litter of life’s dust-

You must look inward for the devil which causes you to do evil against yourself and others as well-
It is only you which can save yourself from the damnation of your own self crafted hell-

The sheep led by the jackals rose up in anger at his words of self healing-
They rejected God’s message outright because of love for their indoctrinated lies which required no kneeling-

No effort of themselves, no before God themselves and their soul God’s truth embracing-
In blind anger and fury at the truth they kept towards the slaughter house doors racing-

So in order to silence the truth which so did offend them to the quick of their bone-
They murdered God’s truth teller then screamed out why had God left them there alone-

Spiritually blind they hated that which came to save them from their evil wandering in ignorance way-
Then cursed God because there was no messenger from God the truth to the sheep to say!

The Old Dog!


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