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The current economic downturn has become life and death issue for the American public and their Government. What led it to its current state, who was/were responsible, and how it can recover are the topics filling up mainstream media and blogsphere for the past five years.

Economists view it, as is expected, purely from their economic/financial models with hardly any one, except possibly economists Nouriel Roubini and non-economists like Warren Brussee, ever having cautioned about the potential pitfalls when going was good. 

Others analyze it from management angle, blaming unraveling of banking regulations (e.g., this, this and this), again, without explaining why deregulation helped Bill Clinton – the one who really heralded deregulation with the repeal of Glass–Steagall Act – could wash US budget clean of hundreds of billions of deficit dollars and also add hundreds of surplus dollars under his watch.

The majority, including President Obama, though, view it from moral principles — blaming greedy Wall Street executives, bankers and financiers (“.000001% (400 people) of our population have accumulated more wealth than the bottom 50%”).

Morality for this latter group seems to begin and end with economic condition of the American public. But that is just only small part of the worst tragedy that Americans really suffer. Bigger part of the tragedy lies in its loss of moral standing in the eyes of ordinary people, of course, even if it was purely synthetic.

Loss of morality that is being sought to explain economic downturn has in actuality never been American concern. Rather, damned-be-morality in pursuit of its interests has always been the motto.

Morality flag came handy on 9/11 – not as something to follow but something to cash on. World, as is now increasingly becoming clear, was conned to be on its side without bothering to have a look on America’s record on morality.

USS Maine

Beginning with its war on Spain in 1898 on the false pretext of the latter causing explosion on the US battleship Maine to the war on Afghanistan and Iraq, American history is littered with immoral wars inflicted on every continent, ravaging country after country, killing millions of innocents and replacing one recalcitrant political leader after another.

And every time, including when it plunged into World War I and II, it raised some false flag or flimsy national interest issues to invade and bomb other countries.

Since WWII, its army, navy and air force have been continuously fighting, overtly or covertly, in some corner of the world. Indeed, as a sort of unwritten rule, before extricating from one war another is initiated.

With the Afghan war nearing its end, that is the likely message in the naval build up and drills in the Persian Gulf where false flag of Iran’s nuclear program stands already hoisted. Positioning warships and marines off the coast of Libya following false flag embassy attack could just be for a little, warm up game before Iran field is fully set.

Now we have the best commentary on American morality from no less a person than the one who for most of the Americans (Republicans and majority of the Congress and Senate) is the very epitome of morality — Israel’s Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu:

“Those in the international community (read America) who refuse to put red lines before Iran don’t have a moral right to place a red light before Israel.”

Wow! Who should know better about American morality than the leader of the Zionist-Neocon-Corporate Qaeda that rules America!!

Lately, the new American mantra for initiating wars has been preserving and protecting “American values.”

Yes, the “values” that every Iraqi, Afghani, Pakistani, Yameni, Somali, Libyan, Syrian — dead or alive — would surely vouch for!

The “values” that every Arab, save their ruling clans, would surely wish to see preserved!

The “values” that every one of the millions of unemployed, homeless, and hungry American today feels proud of!

The “values” that claimed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi innocent children before the whole country was destroyed on the WMD false flag!

The “values” that have made Cuba and Iran suffer sanctions for decades!

The “values” that allow classify droned civilians as “non-persons!”

The “values” that allow premeditated killers go scot free.

The “values” that allow its military play with and desecrate corpse of their enemies!

The “values” that allow open and repeated sacrilege of other religions!

The “values” that UN Rights Council finds constitute “war crimes” and “threaten 50 years of [humanitarian] international law!”

May I add: The “values” that didn’t allow “Democracy promoter” America vacate Iraq without ensuring elected “democratic rule” is well seated and functioning, and Kuwait without re-installing a monarch!

These are “the values that [America] proudly present to the rest of the world,” so says Obama.

Should you kiss or spit such “values,” decision is yours.

Secretary Clinton



The appropriate answer possibly lies in the recent NAM Meeting. Holding of this meeting in, of all the 120 member countries, Iran – the nation most reviled by America and its real ruler (Israel) and its poodles (Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Australia — to name just the healthy ones only) — is a clear pointer that not every one is amused by American clap trap nor really worried to see the “American values” preserved, let alone ruling rest of the 21st century.

NAM gathering in Iran doesn’t necessarily translate straight into anti-Americanism of the member states, though. However, it certainly is a clear reflection of the simple fact that ordinary people – the real international community — don’t trust American leaders and their policies any more.  It is easy to be rhetorical but what in the final analysis matters is what you practice.

The world has seen American leaders practice double standards – one set of rules for itself and its poodles and other set for rest of the world. Israel can refuse to sign NPT and possess hundreds of nuclear bombs but Iran as a signatory to NPT can not even use nuclear technology for energy generation and medical uses.

Israel can bomb and kill Palestinians, destroy their homes and burn their farm plantations with impunity but when Palestinians throw stones or fire a vintage rocket toward Israel, “American values” together with ‘peace process’ get hit hard and “Islamic terrorists” are condemned.

How long is this moral and mental imbalance going to last?

Thanks to the perseverance of Palestinians for more than six and a half decades and continuing against Israeli brutal occupation on the back of American support, “American values” stand exposed, which is helping BDS movement steadily catch up worldwide, like it did earlier against the South African White apartheid rule. Here is what a British ambassador Matthew Gould (Jew) can see but not the American elected leadership:

“Support for Israel is starting to erode and that’s not about these people on the fringe who are shouting loudly and calling for boycotts and all the rest of it. The interesting category are those members of parliament in the middle, and in that group I see a shift.”

Adding, the “shift was a result of Israeli government policies… [and suggested] that it could not be countered or obscured by hasbara …. Israel is now seen as the Goliath and it’s the Palestinians who are seen as the David.”

That was on 8 August. By 11 September you read 68 British parliamentarians moving a motion seeking support for the recognition of the Palestinian State. What would Obama/Hillary call it? Perhaps the most faithful poodle going mad? If this is madness, then they have to apply this tag to 130 out of 193 member states of the UN who already have recognized Palestine State.

AIPAC – Always in the background

American elected leadership would do a great favor to their country and the world the day they would realize and accept that AIPAC and other Jewish lobbies are old hogs that built themselves on keeping holocaust ghost live and thrive on “perfidy” and the future of the American Jewry is with their young progeny

For 50% of them “war is anathema and occupation is morally unbearable,” believe Palestinians “needed a state,” feel “ashamed’ of Israel’s policies towards Palestinians, and – hold your breath – would not take “Israel’s destruction [as] a personal tragedy.”

This is a generation brought up on the theme of fair play and unlikely to be swayed by the rhetoric of people like Daniel Gordis who is attempting cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a body that he and many of the “Zionist scholars” see is in the final death throes.

How long would America expect people to suppress their conscience or stay blind? After all, isn’t it time for the world to accept the fact that major disputes like Palestine-Israel, North Korea-South Korea, China-Taiwan, India-Pakistan have only perpetuated under the shadow of “American values” and need a non-partisan (NAM?) approach if world is to see some peace.

Let me end with an insightful Indian adage: It is last days of a fox when it runs toward an urban area (means inviting sure death). It as much in the interest of Americans and in tune with the sane advice of its intelligence agencies as it is in the interest of Israelis to stop Benjamin Netanyahu from runing toward Iran.

Sure America and its “international community” would destroy Iran and kill a few more million Muslims, which would hardly make any significant dent to a number that stands close to 2 billion. But equally certainly Israel will cease to exist. And that should be unfortunate for the Jewry as a whole, in particular for those Israelis who still have their hearts beating for humanity and justice.

Afghanistan and Iraq have amply shown that a war doesn’t end with initial high blitz bombardment however loud you may shout “Mission accomplished” but actually begins in earnest after that. I am not sure America or its “international community” can take one more war.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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