Israeli Thugs Shoot Repeatedly Woman Holding Up Sunglasses – Say it was a Knife

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Israeli Thugs Shoot Repeatedly Woman Holding Up Sunglasses – Say it was a Knife

It what is a repeat of the many events of 2015 the Zionists once again attempt to frame an innocent person for an action she never committed. Here, these treacherous ones once again make the claim that they had no choice in the matter. They had to shoot. The woman was a threat. She was wielding a knife.

Yet, it is all merely a hideous lie. posters fully realized this. They are fully aware of such arch-Zionist scams. They know the plots well, and there is little the Zionists can do about it.

You can see the Zionist moles in action approaching the woman. Some of them back-off as if somehow this lone woman is a danger. They are, no doubt, cowards. They only way they can prevail is through mere thuggery, mere brutality. Moreover, there are no consequences to any degree, so why shouldn’t they be thugs? They know that the savage rulers and other Zionist cohorts in America have their back. The Israeli Jews can commit every conceivable brutality; nothing will be done about it.


It is obvious that this woman has no weapon. In fact, she has her purse or other belongings in her left hand and, then, is holding her sunglasses and those sunglasses alone in her right hand. Most likely, she was told to remove her sunglasses by the occupiers.

Now, the occupier thugs move in on her, actually moving back-and-forth. It seems that these criminal elements are even frighten of her, incredibly moving forward, then withdrawing.

Now, they assault her and then suddenly shoot her, doing so repeatedly.


They fire shots at her, knocking her down. Moreover, even while she is down they fire shots at her.

Also before she was shot this scene is noted. It appears that the woman is holding a cell phone to her head, to her left ear. So, there it is, the Zionist occupier aiming a weapon at her, a mere 28 year-old woman bearing a cell phone, purse, and sunglasses. Such a one can never be safe from savage, unrestrained Zionist thugs.


Here is another view of her with her left hand  raised up near her ear.


After this, what is seen? She raises her right hand up, gradually and slowly. This is seen clearly on the following images:


It can be seen that without any doubt the hand raised up, the one marked in red, is a hand raised up in self-defense, one done in response to the Zionists’ demands. There is no knife there. The Zionists spread nothing but lies.

From another video capture here is the hard proof. As if by the will of God her hand cargo fell right in full view, right next to her body. It is sunglasses, not a knife.


Now, watch what happens next. The Zionist kicks the sunglasses, the evidence, away:


Now, it can be seen in the majority of videos which were released that there are no sunglasses visible.


What a rogue entity it is, corrupt beyond belief, terminally vile. No one can deny it. No wretched can dispute it. The Zionists are mere filth, in fact, the filth of the earth, killing and murdering, oppression and tyrannizing, all that they will. This includes the most vulnerable of all: defenseless women, children, the crippled, the elderly, and all others who have no means to defend themselves against their oppressive, criminal minds.


How many Zionists were needed to take down this unarmed woman? There were at least seven of them, many of them extensively armed, surrounding her. Seven Zionists against one lone, vulnerable woman. How can these cowardly ones, then, hold up against a legitimate army, rebel or otherwise, even modestly armed to their degree? They could never hold up. They would always succumb, always be defeated by any reasonable force placed against them.

Clearly, this woman has no knife or any other weapon of any kind. It is yet another lie perpetrated by the Zionists, one made absolutely clear and evident in the dramatic, revealing evidence of this post.


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