Jewish creep David Pakman on Westboro Baptist Church’s ridicule and condemnation of gay US soldier KIA

Jewish creep David Pakman on Westboro Baptist Church’s ridicule and condemnation of gay US soldier KIA


Have you ever noticed how the reprobate Jews love to ‘authoritatively’ preside over, comment on, and orchestrate the protests, agitation and crises the Jews have created for their goy enemies in what ever host nation they may be residing in, under God’s wrath for the crime of the Crucifixion?

Check out the Jewish creep David Pakman’s commentary on Westboro Baptist Church’s ridicule and condemnation of a gay US soldier killed in action in this video…

The Jewish creep David Pakman hosts the The David Pakman Show, which is a television, radio, and Internet political program that has a niche audience in what’s now the Jews’ elaborate propaganda agenda that’s working 24/7 to distract, dumb down and lead away to the FEMA camps the gullible American goy people. The lunacy of the program airs on more than 160 television and radio stations, on DirecTV and DISH Network through Free Speech TV, on YouTube as a counterpart of the ludicrously pro-Jewish The Young Turks Network, and via podcasts.

The program first aired in August 2005 on WXOJ-LP (“Valley Free Radio”), located in Northampton, Massachusetts, as Midweek Politics with David Pakman; and it has since been nationally syndicated by Jews to more perfectly and effectively foster their agenda of dumbing down, distracting, and lying to the gullible American goy people, so that the US can ultimately be completely sovietized in an ideal monetized Jewish world under Israel’s biblical end-time ‘Davidic’ antichrist.

Jews love to preside over and orchestrate the protests of the gullible goy people

Jews love to preside over and orchestrate the protests of the gullible goy people, that the Jews have caused to take place by disrupting and agitating the otherwise peaceful goy societies, and propagandizing the goy people in their host nations 24/7

A Jew’s real identity is always at least somewhat nebulous; and on January 24, 2013, Pakman realized that he had been identified in the documentary film Minnesota Nice as a gay teenager who had recently committed suicide. Pakman “corrected the misunderstanding” in a YouTube video and said he was not gay, not a teenager, and not dead. Despite the fact that all Jews are ‘gay’, in the sense that they’re disproportionately sexually dysfunctional, disorientated, and depraved, as morally divorced from their spiritual spouse Jehovah; and ‘dead’, in the sense that they’re all born dead in trespasses and sins and in danger of the second death, which is the lake of fire in a low hell, in some ‘black hole’ of the physical universe, into which all the unrepentant and unforgiven sinners will descend after physical death and Judgment Day.

The Jewish creep Pakman’s sexuality has been a somewhat hot topic on The David Pakman Show; but Pakman has said that he’s heterosexual and “a straight ally of the LGBT rights movement”. Pakman has also said he received “a relatively secular Jewish upbringing, but I’ve always been highly involved with my Jewish background, socially and culturally; I’m part of a local Jewish group and I attend their events. It’s just generally how I identify.”

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