Jews Now Own Bitcoin

Jews Now Own Bitcoin
By Brother Nathanael Kapner
January 15 2024

Larry and Gary are screwing the goyim once again.

Together they’ve taken over Bitcoin’s once-decentralized trading venue.

Larry Fink owns BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard, the top global Asset Managers.

Gary Gensler runs the Security Exchange Commission (SEC), the ‘overseer’ of trades on Wall Street.

That’s the fox guarding the henhouse.

Larry and Gary are Jews.

Wall Street is run by Jews, the likes of kikes like David Solomon of Goldman Sachs, Ken Fisher of Citigroup, and Jamie Dimon (ancestry traced to a Thessalonica Jewish Banking family), of JPMorgan Chase.

Larry Fink and Gary Gensler put their Yid heads together to arrange a public ETF (Exchange Trading Funds) to be run by Fink, and approved for Wall Street trading by Gensler.

Gensler put his kosher seal (the mark of the beast) on the deal on January 10 2024.

Put two Jew heads together—Larry Fink of BlackRock and Gary Gensler of Wall Street’s SEC—and the goyim get screwed.

Mark January 10 2024 as the beginning of the end of freedom, and the beginning of a One World Currency run by Christ-killers, I mean Jews.

BlackRock’s entry into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency marks the end of a de-centralized world currency, Bitcoin, that was conceived to avoid global financial institutions, fiat money, and Central Bank’s manipulative domination.

BlackRock’s and other Asset Managers’ entry into Crypto Space brings Jewish Wall Street and the Rothschild Dynasty into total control of Bitcoin.

BlackRock’s entry into Bitcoin with its accompanying rally on Wall Street is the clue to Jewish doo-doo that they’ve got their wicked Yiddish thumbs over the entire global goy.

What it leads to is a One World Currency.

Read between the Jewish lines:

Bitcoin is digital gold and bigger than any government,” says Larry Fink on January 12 2024.

What this means for all ye dumb goys is that Bitcoin—now so easily available and traded ‘digitally via Larry Fink and Jay Jacobs of BlackRock…

…now to be expanded by fiat dollars…

…and not large enough to be a payment currency dominating the world’s economy—paves the way for a digital alternative.

“CBDCs,” that is, “BlackRock Gold,” “Central Bank Digital Currencies,” marking the END of paper money.

Larry Fink’s Bitcoin is a trojan horse, a kosherized donkey’s ass, that’s harnessed to be saddled with trackable, Credit-Scorish, Digital-Confiscational Potentiality.

Jewish control, World domination, could’ve been stopped in its tracks in 1913.

But Woodrow Wilson, who shacked up with a woman at Princeton, I mean, cheating on his wife, played right into the kikes’ blackmailish hands.

Another “Black”-mailish hand is about to grab the goys by the gonads.

Larry Fink and the Jewish blackmail boys have a plan, and Bitcoin fits right into the Jewish worldwide financial web.

“Give me control of a nation’s digital currency and I care not who makes its laws.” Larry Fink channeling Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

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