Al Gore & Greta Rothschild, Would Y’all Please Pick Up The Man Made Global Warming Red Phone, Cause This South Texican Boy’s Ass Is Freezing!

Would all the Ice Caps gonna melt from Man Made Global Warming Al Gore & Everyone’s gonna die from man made global warming Greta Rothschild please pick up the Man mad Global Warming red telephone please, cause it is damned well COLD in South Texas.

Could y’all send some of that global warming down here?
This is south Texas and I had to break the ice on the top of the stock water troughs today.
Had to thaw out the bird waters and put warm water in them.
All my plants on my protected south facing front porch are dead.

What’s up Greta?
According to a twitter post you made we all should be dead from global warming caused by fossil fuels already, but my south Texican ass is freezing!

I been running two wood heaters for days now, all the animals are living indoors to keep em alive, my wife keeps saying she is COLD!

What the hell happened?
I have had to listen to a bunch of doom and groomers saying everyone has to stop driving their cars, coal fired power plants shut down, cows gotta stop farting, we all have to send money to Al Gore and the UN cause otherwise we are going to all die from Man Made Global warming otherwise!

Y’all better start letting the cows fart again!

Cause we damn well freezing down her in sunny South Texas!
All the citrus trees are frozen dead.
My forrest of tall thornless cactus trees are toast from freezing.

So could y’all use some of that loot y’all been collecting for years for man Made Global Warming to blow some of your hot air down This way?

I gotta go now, clean the ashes out of the stoves and throw some more logs on the fire.
Probably cause of Man Made Global Warming I am sure.

After all would Al Gore and Greta Rothschild lie?

The Ole Dog!


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