JP Morgan: Inflation to Trigger $2,500 Gold Price

Kurt Nimmo
August 9, 2011

photoPhoto: Mark Herpel.

Commodity analysts at JP Morgan are predicting the price of gold may hit $2,500 or higher per ounce by the end of the year, the Financial Post reported on Monday.

Prior to Standard Poor’s downgrading of the debt rating of the United States, the bank thought spot gold would reach $1,800 by the end of 2011. It has since revised its projection.

On Tuesday, the price continued to climb above the $1,700 mark. Gold futures for December delivery rose $31.90 to $1,745.10 after soaring to an all-time high of $1,782.50 an ounce at the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange, The Street reported today.

Continued fear over the growing global depression now well underway sent industrial raw materials down on Tuesday. Oil plunged more than 4 percent and copper hit an eight-month low as investors moved to sell-off risky assets.

JP Morgan admits the rise the price of gold is due to inflation and continued weakness in the U.S. dollar.

The Federal Reserve is continuing its plan to destroy the dollar by dictating monetary policy and keeping interest rates artificially low. The stock market took off on yet another erratic trajectory Tuesday after the FOMC announced its intention on interest rates.

The dollar fell sharply against the Swiss franc and the yen after the Fed announced it would keep the interest rate low until at least mid-2013. The Fed claims doing so will stimulate the economy, but the privately owned banker cartel is in fact engineering more asset bubbles.

The Fed’s “cheap money” policy inflated the housing asset bubble that collapsed with devastating result to the economy. The rise and fall of new asset bubbles will further erode the economy and with it the living standards of countless millions of people.

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50 Responses to “JP Morgan: Inflation to Trigger $2,500 Gold Price”

  1. Well, why the hell not? They manipulated the sliver market.

  2. I hear that Bank of America hasn’t much time left J P Morgan want to put it out of business.

  3. JP Morgan should know.

    The are one of the “banks” that are printing all trillions of dollars.

    It’s probably a “conservative estimate.”

  4. Remember when they predicted that gas will hit $5 by last May. I think it may snow sometime in December in the midwest.

  5. All this love of gold when it is an illusion like paper money with a glittery sparkle. Who does one sell it to in a depression when people can hardly find a means to eat? Water, food, land, truth, and the weaponry to protect that foundation is what is solid.

  6. Silver and gold wont work when you have Cancer.


    Dial M for Meltdown!

    • If you live in California, when you see teams sweeping an area with GEIGER COUNTERS before a bigshot from DC pays a visit, you will know then that you are already dead from Fukushima radiation.

  7. Gold will go up to $4300 AT END OF YEAR.


    Foreign Policy just wrote a report that the Colombian FARC rebels are using ‘illegal (gold) mining as a “means of funding” their operations’

    so they are saying that if you buy or sell gold, you are indirectly financing the Marxist guerrillas in Colombia.

    heres the article:,0

    • nobody cares.
      I think bringing down Banksters is a little more important than Marxist guerrillas!

      • right… the government will use this to label anyone who buys gold as terrorists
        if the drug cartels used gold or silver as money then it will be treated as drug money,
        so you’ll have the feds confiscate your gold and guns!

  9. The only reason that the economy(money flow) keeps going is the majority of people have no clue that the dollar is worthless. As long as Fox, CNN and the rest of the “Free press” or the likes of SP gives the impression that the dollar has some value, things will not change dramatically fast.
    If by chance SP gave a credit rating of FFF like it should have, things would have came to a halt
    that day. But no, SP just lowers it from AAA to AA+. What bull.
    I am not saying that I want any of the hardworking people to be hurting. But that is the only way there is going to be a real revolution, is for the dollar to crash or for everybody to know that they have been had by the FED for almost 100 years.

  10. “Dial M for Meltdown”
    An amazing short video on Youtube. Now you will know why you have cancer fighting the NWO!

  11. I don’t understand… I thought JP Morgan the man, was part of a global cabal bent on taking over the world. Why then, would his company engage in talk that would potentially awaken people to the madness in the economy?

  12. i was thinking about the reality of this abstract idea and this is what it is?

    so Gold is climbing in value, ok simple concept one ounce of gold has a value of something X.

    X is anything under the sun. but in the zooloo world of satan 2011 x the value of gold at any point in time is associated with a us federal reserve note? so what really is a us reserve note? ask yourself that question? what is a dollar how is it measured what is the standard employed to explain to your children? how would anyone tell anyone what a us dollar is or what’s its value?

    my point is the truth is stranger then cinnamon toast? since the nixon years when he removed the dollar off the gold standard tied to current market and economic conditions the us dollar was transformed from gold to an idea or promis a promis to pay?

    so if the price of gold is in any way connected linked dovetailed to us dollars the truth or reality is it has no value in a time of unrest cuz then the truth exposes the dollar as a con designed to enploade causing global kaos. then the illuminati will pose as the saviours taking any rights you believe you have and sticking a chip in your body and your body in a fema camp oh happy day.

    what is the difference of 5 dollars and 500 dollars if it has no value if gold is 5 dollars or 50,000 dollars ? soon us notes will be worth nothing just paper an iou cuz the bank that issues them has nothing to base them on then have no home no base no standard? just some satanic petophiles word he will cover your bills using a bogus instrument he printed in his shop?

    so gold has a value of 1800 whats? dollars? iou’s? fiction movies? cans of beans? what? the faith in the dollar has left the house folks its time to rethink the whole pie its time to return to God and the us constitution remember 1776 well the 1913 glass-owens banking act of that year yoked the eagle back to the lion great britten and the blessing of jfk in dallas yoked us back to herr satan!

    i say its time to revert to God’s will and revert back to the constitution i seek his blessings not his finger judgements f5 tornados fields of dead grass and grass hoppers and a city of angles dc!

  13. what about copper and re-minting all coins in silver





  15. How about the real story about the push to by gold and what it means to the new world order.

    Osama Obama Biden Bin Laden

    Obama is not the president, he’s the acting president. He disappeared for 2 weeks after his election win only to reappear looking exhausted sitting next to John McCain, with a bad poker face, for a press photo shoot. Obama was turned into a Pentagon puppet ever since.

    Too many stories in the news are completely fabricated to generate chatter for the feds. They have the majority of comments on many news sites, many software generated, and are actively involved in the moderation of sites since the “death” of Osama Bin Laden.

    A military coup d’etat began in 2008 with the introduction of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate.

    Osama Bin Laden is a name and a code. It appears he was created by the New World Order. The New World Order consists of some of the richest people in the world with the goal of overthrowing the US government, some from inside our own government. They are also trying to collapse our currency and are behind all of the “buy gold” hype, not to mention thousands of money making opportunities online and late night infomercials. They are positioned to make billions by collapsing our economy.

    The attacks on 9/11 appear to be attacks on capitalism. The people that make up the New World Order are media moguls, CEO’s and many others. The coup is also the reason why all the CEOs who ran in the last midterm didn’t get elected either.

    You will not read about this in the media since most of the media has been forced to cooperate or have been paid to cooperate.

    What you’re about to learn is true and not embellished in anyway. Here’s what Obama, Osama, Biden, Bin Laden, the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists, and Sarah Palin had to do with the last election and the military’s overthrow of our government.

    Do not hesitate to call the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI and all branches of the federal government and remind them who they work for. Obama doesn’t need to be signing anymore things into law. Enough is enough! Search ElectNoMoreSpys.blogspot and share it with the world!

    • I have often thought if Rottenfeller owns the gold market and wants the NW-o. Everybody is buying Gold including China et al. Could buying gold wash the money out of the US and convert equity into UN Bux? Could buying gold feed the NW-o? Probably…:)

  16. What about treasury bonds series I based on inflation rates for return? Treasuries have to be secured for 30 years right? I guess the treasury says there is no inflation so maybe that wouldn’t work?

  17. tax the Banksters!
    and audit JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank! and the FED~!

  18. the cpi isn’t accurate. gold should be over 5,000 if adjusted for inflation.

    • it’ll go absolutely through the roof once people take their ‘gold’ certificates to the bank and it’s not physically there

  19. They are wrecking peoples stock portfolios so they can’t buy gold.

  20. I never buy gold because I’m always mad that I didn’t get it at a cheaper price. I’m about ready to submit to the NWO and put some money in gold, but don’t know where to get it. Same story with silver. Both are still low? I have no experience in this. WHERE DO I GET IT?

    • You can sometimes find places near you by going to google maps and type in gold coins or gold and silver. That’s how I found a place near me but it isn’t always easy to find.

    • I’d recommend silver for the small buyer. You can’t go wrong with gold either. Also keep your eyes on platinum, as it is at price parity with gold right now, and likely to go up alongside gold.

      Silver is easy to get (right now). You can order it from Liberty Coin or you can find a local buyer.

      • NO to platinum. It is largely industrial, and will not do well when the global depression really sets in and decimates all economies of the world. It may have historically tracked with gold, but gold is becoming unhinged from the commodities portfolio, and is in a class by itself. I learned something interesting: Gold is MUCH more valued and accepted in other countries than in America. I think the confiscation in the 30′s put a bad taste in the American mouth.

        Silver is more volatile than gold. It will bounce around in the short term, but will do will over the long haul.

        • Platinum is the only metal where one ounce could be worth $1 trillion with the stroke of the Treasury Secretary’s pen.

          Denominations, specifications, and design of coins
          (k) The Secretary may mint and issue platinum bullion coins and proof platinum coins in accordance with such specifications, designs, varieties, quantities, denominations , and inscriptions as the Secretary, in the Secretary’s discretion , may prescribe from time to time.

    • I have been getting mine out of the mountians in CA. for years but gold can also be bought on ebay for one, Ask Google on your computer where you can buy gold then you have the answer. Lots of blessings.

    • Yes, just as bmellis said, just search for dealers in your area and call them up and ask. Do NOT get talked into buying coins with numismatic value. Buy bullion only and buy where you get the most bang for your buck.

      JPM also looks like they pumped $500M in to keep silver down to protect their vulnerable short position, so it may be the better buy opportunity, but that’s a judgment call. Maybe a little of both?

    • apmex and asset strategies international come highly recommended…

    • You may want to try Del Valley Silver, based in Levittown, PA.

      They were at a conservative/libertarian freedom conference west of Philadelphia last year when I first heard of them. They are more of barter company for merchants interested in silver, but have a single membership option that you have to pay a yearly fee for, but it’s worth it.

      • Edit:

        I think it’s Levittown, may want to check their website if you’re interested.

  21. ALERT! Just got notice from my bank that they are placing a limit of $14,000 cash deposits. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Does this mean a bank holiday is about to happen?

    • Yeah definately. And those scum are gonna have to be bailed out before the end of the year.

  22. Wizeman: We need a leader! Someone that can show the rest of us how to organize and get people fired up… and I do not mean like the phucks @ ACORN. I mean like Americans did two hundred thirty five years ago. Show me… show me how! There are one hell of a lot of “good” Americans that will lay it on the line if we can just get them organized. SOMEONE JUST SHOW ME HOW.

    • You will have a million backers, I myself am too old but I am praying for your seccess. I was born in the early 30′s and remember a great America, Did you ever stop to think that God is down on this country because the people let the Government take God away from them, out of the schools, the ACLU wants God out of everything and the people is letting it happen, so maybe it’s true that the 18th chapter of ISAIAH that starts out as….Woe to that nation covered with the eagle’s wings, beyond Ethiopia that sends it’s ambassadors by the sea, the people mighty from their beganning, whose land the rivers divide and when that nation does great things, the whole world sees and knows. ( Remember, God’s woe to a nation is about the same as pushing your face into the dirt. and He put obammmmmma in to push all the faces ) If you truly want to help this nation, Know that God is….and turn to Him, Surrender too Him, Love Him, and understand that He wrote His Law on your Heart, you know right from wrong before you do it, with the desire to do right, it’s called the Law of God (love) the same law that Abram was under, He was counted righteous just because he believed God. then make the tea party grow. our government in DC hate us tea party people. and in 2012 we need more tea party people send to Washington…….if that don’t correct our nation on it’s demise, maybe God wants the people to do something, maybe like inact the second amenment and do what it is intended for. Those pieces of jelly poop that call them selves liberal democrats are blaming the tea party for their actions. Yes Sir, stand up and do something while you still can. God Bless.

    • Because people are slow to act on matters you are taking about…..this nation will go down in it’s demise and out of the dust the people will march and clean DC and build this nation up again (if) all the good people don’t leave is a hurry at the Rapture.

    • That’s what we have to do…but we have to learn how, together, because nobody really taught us how. But I guarantee we can pull it off and make it look good!

  23. JP who? lol

    • We need to get a rally of people to go to Iowa for straw poll. I heard they are allowing write in ballot for the first time.
      We can take some air time from the media’s blind eye towards Ron Paul if we the people write him in.
      Spread the word!!

  24. How long will WE be brainwashed into doing nothing but peaceful protests. Power in Numbers!!! We need power in Mass Numbers to take action. What did the americans of long ago do when the Brittish parliament and Bank of England tried to take over the newly founded America? The people of this land fought back, The Revolutionary War. They fought for their freedoms with powder guns, picks, shovels, sticks, rocks, and pure fists. Yet we stand in peaceful protests with cardboard signs and complain like a dumb flock of sheep yelling baaahhh! We come surf the web looking for the latest news of tyranny, and read it everyday, yet we do nothing.

    When will things change people. If we keep doing peaceful protests out of fear, nothing will ever change, exept for the continued desecration of our beloved constitution.

    People, if we are to afraid to fight with blood, then we can fight with money.

    DONT Pay your taxes. Let’s show the government that we the people are tired of the system, and we will no longer support their tyrranical growth.

    For us to not pay taxes, we can’t do it just as a few, for those few will be thrown in prison. For this movement to work, we need power in numbers, mass amounts of americans and businesses alike to boycott taxes until the system changes. You battle Elites with their most cherishably item, money. If they lose it, they lose their greedy power.

    We can do this, we just need to start a movement, bring the Tea Party in and hold a tax boycott, a revolt on taxes that says we the people will no longer pay to have our constitution trashed.

    We have two options to take a stand and fight, either with blood or with money. I say money, lets prevents lives from being lossed and do this the smart way.

    • Your rant is contradicting. One point you say…”If we keep doing peaceful protests out of fear, nothing will ever change, exept for the continued desecration of our beloved constitution.”

      Another point you go on to advocate….”DONT Pay your taxes. Let’s show the government that we the people are tired of the system, and we will no longer support their tyrranical growth.” and “We have two options to take a stand and fight, either with blood or with money. I say money, lets prevents lives from being lossed and do this the smart way.”

      It would seem you are more of an advocate for a peaceful resistance than you are for a violent one. Name one violent revolution that resulted in good change ? If you say the American Revolution, you obviously have no clue who was really behind the American Revolution and the agenda the wished to achieve by provoceturing it.

      The best revolution is to just stop complying with the very system they use to enslave us.

      Veritas vos Liberabit

    • The tax thing is the right on way, but you need millions of people to join in, don’t forget that the 2nd Amendment is a last ditch effect, but if nothing else, then you will need to march.

  25. The only thing that can make gold go down is a stronger dollar. That is obviously not the plan by these bankster scum. It can only go up as long as they destroy the dollar and the economy.

    • The banker scum and the mobocracies cannot lose, as they already own most of the world’s gold supply and they can bleed what’s left of the dollar buying up hard assets like gold and real estate. The real question is, what incentive do these people have to save the dollar?

      • Very true!

      • They don’t have any incentive to save the dollar. That’s what the Justice department is supposed to do. It is supposed to put the people in prison who are committing economic terrorism.

        Their incentive should be a noose and a tree.

    • Yes, that’s basically correct.

      The Federal Reserve, unfortunately, continues to punish people who save their hard earned money and do not take on lots of debt. In other words, honest and prudent people will continue to be taken advantage of until eventually they just won’t take it any more.

      The Fed needs to raise the interest rates.

      Yes, jobs will be lost. Yes, economic activity will slow. But this is necessary in order to bring the economy back to stability, and to allow people to save their money and for capital accumulation to be the engine of the economy, not credit and debt expansion.

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