Khamenei Calls On Muslim World To ‘Stop Oil Exports’ To Israel

Khamenei Calls On Muslim World To ‘Stop Oil Exports’ To Israel

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Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei spoke about the Gaza-Israel during a meeting with a group of students at the Imam Khomeini Hussainiyah in Tehran on Wednesday, chastising Gulf Arab states for their complicity in Israeli aggression.  

“What Muslim states must insist on is the immediate cessation of [Israeli] crimes in Gaza. They must promptly stop the bombardment of Gaza and stop the export of oil and other commodities to the Zionist regime,” Khamenei stressed.  


“Muslim states must not cooperate economically with the Zionist regime but denounce these catastrophes and crimes vociferously and without hesitation in all international forums,” he added.  

Khamenei also highlighted that the ongoing war is “between truth and falsehood, between the power of faith and the power of arrogance.” He added: “Of course, the power of arrogance comes with military pressure, bombardment, as well as calamities and crimes, but the power of faith will overcome all of these by God’s grace.”

Khamenei also mentioned that Gaza is a “human movement” whose influence spread outside of the Levant.  

“[The people of Gaza managed to] move the human conscience […] look what is happening in the world; in western countries, in Britain, France, Italy, and various US states, people come in large crowds to the streets and chant slogans against Israel and the US itself,” Khamenei added.  

“It was an absolute disgrace for them, which they can neither recover from nor justify,” Khamenei said. “The Muslim world should not forget that all through the critical issue of Gaza, the [parties] which stood against Islam and the oppressed Palestinian nation was [the US], France and Britain.” 

Speaking about the movements in the west, Khamenei touched on those who are blaming Iran for the protests, mockingly saying that “we see a fool coming and saying that the gathering of people in England to support the Palestinian people is the work of Iran.” 

During his talks with the students of Iran, he looked back at the role played during the 1979 takeover of the US embassy in Iran, saying, “The US was disgraced. This was the blow of the Iranian nation to the US.”

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