Laurastar steam iron ripoff, unreliable, expensive to fix

Stay away from the Laurastar Steam irons. They are unreliable and expensive to fix. I am an ex technician that used to work for Laurastar Bankstown for the past few years.

Laurastar Steam irons are labelled Swiss made, but the internals are actually China made, yes all their internal parts come from China, then Laurastar in Switzerland stick their brand on them.

Laurastar irons constantly break down. Even the expensive high end models. The quality is the same for any model… whether its 10 year old, or one that just came out of the box today.

Even a brand new steam iron out of the box will have issues 60% of the time… I replaced faulty out of the box Laurastar products daily for customers…. 1 out of 5 brand new models would work out of the box, which meant I had to repair the new Laurastar products and then package them as brand new again.

To avoid anymore embarrassment, and have a customer return the product the very next day, I decided before we shipped or sold a Laurastar steam iron, I had to test every product before it went out. More than half of our new stock were always faulty, no matter what model it was, or how new it was. What was obvious to me was that Laurastar has no quality control from the Manufacturer.

Laurastar iron will always need to go to a service department to be repaired constantly… and the bill will always be over $100 on every visit. It is a great money earner for CEO Dino Scara of Laurastar Australia, considering he imports them for 1/4 of the selling price.

Do not think that once your iron has left Laurastar’s Service Department that it will not happen again. Their Spare parts are meant to break down, so you can bring it back. I repaired no less than 300 Laurastar steam irons a week.

Before you purchase one, speak to a legit owner, not a salesman or someone who is affiliated with the brand.

Do not trust those product review websites, they are filled with bogus Laurastar staff comments pretending to be happy customers, to get more sales.

Need more convincing?

Too many Laurastar unsatisfied customers,

What Steam Iron is better value and more reliable than a Laurastar?

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Threats made by Laurastar Australia Melbourne Head Office

From: Robert xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Laurastar –

Message Body:
Hello, xxxxxxxx I have been given your details. Your post on your website is cause for concern by my client. I suggest that if you do not want this matter to go further you delete the post from your website immediately.
If you do not adhere to this request by Sunday 18th May I will be visiting you personally over the next few weeks when I travel to Sydney. If you do not live at xxxxxxxxx we will find you through other means. Mark my words, it’s in your best interests to take down the post immediately.
This is not a threat, just a request. I am happy to resolve this over the phone if this is your preference.


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  1. if this article concerns Laurastar Australia, perhaps visiting and threatening them also 🙂

    it’s a shame after so many years in business peddling faulty and unreliable Laurastar products, you would think Laurastar Australia would be concerned by the rubbish they sell.

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