Lauren Witzke Blames the Government for Deadly Tornadoes: ‘The US Government Has a Fetish for Terrorizing Their Own Citizens’

Right-wing commentators Edward Szall and Lauren Witzke served as co-hosts and correspondents for the anti-vaccine, antisemitic, End Times conspiracy theory TruNews network until they were fired in August after controversy arose over the duo’s coverage of Mike Lindell’s voter fraud “cyber symposium.”

After losing their jobs, Szall and Witzke, who was the Delaware GOP’s nominee for the U.S. Senate in 2020, teamed up to launch a new program called “Cross Talk News” (not to be confused with the Christian radio program “Crosstalk“). On Monday’s episode, the duo discussed the wave of deadly tornadoes that swept across the country the previous weekend, which Witzke blamed on “weather modification.”

Upset about being mocked on social media over this claim, Witzke and Szall dedicated most of Wednesday’s program to “proving” that weather modification is real, primarily by interviewing a friend of Szall’s who runs the Florida Sky Watchers Facebook page, which claims to be “dedicated to bringing the truth about climate engineering and weather modification.”

Despite the fact that their “expert” provided no evidence that the government actually possesses the technology to create and control the weather, Witzke was convinced that they had proven their case. All that remained was to explain why the government would want to create deadly storms and then use them to target their own citizens. Fortunately, Witzke had an explanation.

“You ask yourself, ‘Why are they doing this kind of stuff? Why would you want to terrorize the public? Why would you want to terrorize the public with the weather and create this extreme weather?’” Witzke said. “It came as no surprise to me because the U.S. government has a fetish for terrorizing their own citizens, and I think we can all agree on that after what we’ve seen with the Jan. 6 protesters, etc. It came as no surprise to me. They want us to live in a pod, eat the bugs, be afraid, depend on the government, and this is just one of the tools that they’re using.”

“It is good to know that I was right, and that Right Wing Watch was wrong when they made fun of me for talking about weather modification,” Witzke added. “It’s like, ‘Yes! I was right, and you’re wrong.”

“They should be called Wrong Wing Watch,” replied Szall.


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