Little boy creates device to scare off hungry lions

Richard Turere

By: John Roberts

(Scroll down for video) A little boy came up with an interesting device all by himself which scares away hungry lions, according to press reports in Kenya and in California.

Richard Turere, 13, does not like lions. In fact, he hates them. However, this brilliant young man has invented an innovative solution that is helping humans and animals alike.

Living on the edge of Nairobi National Park in Kenya, Turere first became responsible for safeguarding livestock of his family when he was only nine-years-old. But often the valuable cattle would be attacked by hungry lions roaming the park, leaving him counting the losses.

“I grew up hating lions a lot,” Turere, from Kitengela, south of the capital Nairobi, said. “They used to come at night and feed on our cattle when we were sleeping,” he added.

So, at the age of 11, Turere decided it was time to find a way to protect his family’s cows, goats and sheep from the grip of the hungry lions.

Turere realized that the lions were afraid to venture near the fence of the property when someone was walking with a flashlight. He put his young mind to work and a few weeks later he had come with an innovative, simple and He placed a series of flashing LED bulbs on poles in all areas of the livestock.

The lights were connected to a switch box and an old car battery powered by a solar panel. They were designed to flash intermittently, thereby deceiving the lions into believing that someone was moving around carrying a flashlight.

It worked. Since Turere installed the Lion Lights, his family has not lost any livestock to wild beasts, to the delight of his father and the astonishment of his neighbors. He received an award in California for his great innovations.

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