London Olympics Drops Carbon-Offset Plan

By Sarah Halls

Sept 1, 2011

Organizers of the London 2012 Olympic Games dropped a plan to cut carbon emissions during the sporting showcase, abandoning a pledge made when it defeated eight other cities to host the event.

Games administrators will “no longer pursue formal offsetting procedures” to mitigate Olympics-related emissions, documents posted on the London Olympics website said.

David Stubbs, the head of sustainability at the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympics Games, or LOCOG, said in an interview that going ahead with the plan would have shifted the focus away from Britain.

Scrapping the plan, which would have involved offsetting the emissions generated by the Games by investing in clean- energy projects in poor countries, underlines how carbon-saving measures are being overlooked to save money as the U.K. cuts spending and increases taxes amid an economic slowdown. By ditching the program, LOCOG may avoid spending as much as 2.7 million pounds ($4.4 million), according to prices quoted by brokers MF Global.

“Officially, if you want to go down certified carbon- offsetting all projects have to be overseas, so if we plant a lot of trees in Essex that just doesn’t count,” said Stubbs, referring to the English county. “Because the Games are in the U.K., we wanted to maximize the Games locally. Doing formal offsetting would be diverting things.”

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11 Responses to “London Olympics Drops Carbon-Offset Plan”


    This just shows them for cretinous hypocrites they are. If its for their stupid week of political grandstanding and glad-handing then its OK to pollute with CO2! All the ‘VIPs’ and ‘officials’ get chauffeur driven around in special lanes with no traffic lights. If you or I drive too near its a 200 pound fine for getting in their way! English people who paid for it were denied tickets to it are told it would be better if they were to go on holiday for the event that they paid for! It is 3 times over budget and is the biggest political wankfest in history. At a time when they are cutting everything they still have 9 billion for the Olympics.When we had the riots all the politicians were concerned about was how it would affect the olympics! Frankly, I hope this squanderfest dies on it’s arse. The money could have been used to build hospitals and schools but no. Stratford gets a f”cking velodrome (I’m sure the locals can’t wait) and the rest of it will probably be bulldozed after a couple of years.

  2. I guess they got a special dispensation from Gore — or is it G-d?

  3. Google Rick Clay 2012 ZION OLYMPICS. Project blue beam awaits us 11/11/2012 (remember the date. Be alert ,Be aware! The fake invasion is comming. Are you ready for the night of a thousand stars? Chemtrails spray alluminum, barium and strontuim. Declassified government research shows 3d holograms work off of STRONTIUM BARIUM NIBATE. Can you put 2 and 2 together or do you need Alex to do all the work for you. Once again. BE ALERT, BE AWARE!

  4. Because they realized that a carbon offset is nothing more than an accounting trick? Oh well, they’ll have enough Illuminati symbolism littered throughout the Pagan Games to make up for the carbon-off BS. I just love their adorable little “one-eyed” mascot. So cute.

  5. the ‘olympicks’ makes a total mockery out of ‘greeen’ fascism and any real care for sustainability

    I wonder how much Concrete was ued? Concrete being the one of the greatest producers of C02 dureing production. And then theres all that steel and glas. I wonder how much of the raw/material was was imported and had to tarvel from China just like the millions who will do so dureing the olympicks.

    But hey they can do what they like but ‘greeen’ tax the ordinary people.

  6. “Carbon offset”…what a joke. CO2 is one of the cleanest and most vital byproducts produced by man; and Al Gore has 1/3 of the world afraid of it.

    Why not do something useful to the environment? How about electronic device radiation offsets? Oh that’s right, they hate human life and want us all to be sick and dependent or dead.

    • We won’t have to worry about electronic devices once Obama is successful at shutting down the coal power plants. We will be reading by candle light and all of the green fools will no longer have use of their cellphone and ipods.

  7. They should be investing in clean energy projects in a poor country like Britain

  8. Well i was a lost cause to begin with considering all the lowly sub-human non-noble Tory panting and farting “useless eaters” that are destined to attend it.

  9. Now they’re going to have greenpeace threatening violence.

  10. The Fight To Save Earth From Paranoid Sociopaths
    Alex Jones – 1

    Al Gore – 0

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