Lonely? Cold? The Best Heated Blankets Can Fix 99% of That

Stormy winters, cuddle puddles, break-ups, The Da Vinci Code viewing parties—my Sunbeam Electric Blanket has seen it all. We have been through so much together, in fact, that I wrote an entire VICE article about the short- and long-term benefits of owning an electric blanket.

You know that feeling of muscle-deep relaxation that comes from soaking in an Epsom salt bath like Kenny G? That’s what I feel with my electric blanket, but simply by plugging in a cord. For me, an electric blanket has the same sensory effect of a weighted blanket, because the second I get swaddled in my Sunbeam’s plush folds I feel my lockjaw loosen and my anxiety melt. It is the butter to my biscuit, and I only wish that I had discovered it sooner in my adult life.

“But… what if I burn the house down?” is a common fear that I hear a lot from would-be EBMAD (electric blanket mommies and daddies), and which I’m also happy to assuage today. Granted, how you choose to engage with your home’s electrical system is your own journey, but I can tell you that 1) most electric blankets these days have automatic safety measures that will turn the blanket off after an hour or so, and 2) electric blankets aren’t going to get hot enough to grill your couch anyways. Today’s heated blankets are aesthetic, warm gifts from the heavens that want nothing more than to give you a little more of the comfort you deserve.

Pour a cup of Sleepytime Tea, and let’s find you the perfect electric blanket, from VICE editor-loved Sunbeam blankets to graphic checkered throws worthy of M.C. Escher.

This VICE editor-loved electric blanket is 25% off

Inside you, there are two wolves electric blankets: one lined with faux sherpa material, and another lined in a plush faux mink. This Sunbeam blanket on Amazon has over 11,000 reviews, many of which praise it to the heavens, and has combined the two materials into a single, versatile heated throw that has legit changed my life and the way I relax. I just plop down on the couch, select one of the blanket’s four heat-level settings, and let the automatic 4-hour timer do its magic while Love Is Blind rolls. Cop it in one in any number of the earthy colorways that are offered while it’s 25% off.

This electric blanket has over 32,000 Amazon reviews

It’s hard to outdo the swag of this king-sized Sunbeam blanket, which comes with not one but two [toots airhorn] built-in remotes for adjusting the heat levels of its warm, but durable “Ultra Fleece” folds. As one Amazon stan writes, “[It] saves a ton on heating bills! Even if it were to cost the same, it keeps me much warmer than having the wall furnace in the living room on full blast while I sleep in the bedroom.”

This ‘Game of Thrones’-worthy electric blanket

If Beowulf had a #GRWM TikTok morning routine vid, he definitely would have been swaddled up in this plush, faux fur electric blanket while sharpening his sword for the honor of Geatland. Pottery Barn has effectively combined the West Elm faux fur blanket and the Sunbeam Electric Blanket, my two big loves, with this oversized, faux chinchilla throw.

Every Braveheart needs a blanket

We may not actually crack our eyes in a mist-covered castle of the Scottish Highlands, but this electric blanket from Pottery Barn makes us feel pretty damn close. The plaid throw comes in a few wintry colorways, and automatically shuts off after two hours for safety.

This portable electric is used in snowmobile rescues

If you’re planning any fall camping trips, this portable electric blanket from Gobi Heat is a must. It has earned a 4.6-star average rating on the site from reviewers, who praise everything from the softness of the fabric to its 10-hour battery life. As one reviewer writes, “These blankets were purchased for our ambulance […] They will be used for [rescue] in the summer and snowmobile accidents in the winter months.” Just imagine the wonders it will work on your toes from the comfort of the campfire.

M.C. Escher, we found your electric blanket

Checkered patterns have been having a major decor moment for the past few years, and we couldn’t be more stoked to see that they have made their way to the humble, heated blanket. Not only does this David Lynch-worthy optical illusion have a 4.8-star average rating on Amazon, but it will actually look cool on your spare chair in the living room.

An electric heating pad under $15

Don’t have the budget for an entire blanket? This heating pad is like a micro-electric blanket, because it’s designed with the same plush tufting as an oversized throw, but its compact nature can help you heat up your feet, lap, pillow, or whatever else needs some love for just over $10. It’s a no-brainer—and a great gift—for WFH folks who get cold toes during the winter.

Here’s to staying toasty.

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