New Dehli Implementing Driving Bans Due To Polluted Air

In move that we’re sure we’ll eventually see in U.S. cities as the climate change rhetoric continues to go parabolic (especially heading into the 2024 election), New Dehli is now implementing license plate based driving bans in order to try and restrict the number of cars on its roads at any given time.

The measure, which separates cars into license plates ending with odd and even numbers, is going to be put in place on alternate days for a week beginning on November 13, Bloomberg reported this week. 

The goal is to “lower vehicular pollution”, the report says. In addition to the car ban, heavy vehicles have also been banned from the capital city, with exceptions for essential services. 

Bloomberg wrote that in recent days, Delhi has persistently emerged at the pinnacle of global pollution rankings, facing alarmingly toxic air quality conditions.

In response, the regional administration has enacted emergency protocols, including the suspension of educational institutions, a moratorium on construction activities, and a push towards greater reliance on public transportation systems, the report says.

Previously, the capital has resorted to episodic vehicular restrictions in an effort to mitigate the environmental crisis.

On the judicial front, the Supreme Court of India is slated to address the issue of Delhi’s escalating pollution on November 7th. Anticipated at this hearing, representatives from Delhi and contiguous states will brief the court on the progress and measures adopted to ameliorate the air quality disaster.

We’re certain shocked liberals in the U.S. will be beside themselves that there are other places in the world not “doing their part” to fight climate change. Has anyone in India considered taking a hammer to a piece or art to try and fix the problem?


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