No 2024 Election!

Orem, Utah
September 23, 2023

RFK Flirts Third Party While Ed Dowd Suggests: No 2024 Election!

by Rich Scheck

The need to cover up the massive criminality of the DC Swamp will prevent there being an election in 2024. That is the core message of Ed Dowd in his recent interview with Naomi Wolf.

His remarks echo my own Doom and Gloom forecasts which I have articulated for decades in my articles that warn friends, family and fellow citizens of the looming collapse of American Society.

As my closest associates well know, I stated years ago to them that we had already passed the tipping point and that we were like Wile E Coyote with our legs pumping as we hovered over the looming abyss below.

Such extreme pessimism earned me few friends, enormous criticism and the appellation of a male “Cassandra”. I wear the label proudly not because I want things to fall apart but because I’ve earned it with my accurate forecasts.

Things are actually much worse than the media reveals. Feeble leadership locked into endless wars because of excessive national pride along with lust for global hegemony; traditional religions that insist on their superiority while suffering increases for countless millions; a rampant spread of technological totalitarianism fueled by the genius of science that lacks the balancing dynamic of spirituality and the Divine Feminine; a culture of decadence now ascendant in the West that caters to our lowest sensibilities while ignoring the hunger for a soul elevating conversation; and the weaponization of legitimate political concerns into an abusive, polarizing system of censorship that thwarts honest dialogue.

I call this process the “momentum of modernism” that has been accelerating with increased fury since described many years ago by the likes of Henry Adams and William Butler Yeats among others.

The Rough Beast of technology now surfacing full face in the form of AI, Robotics, Nanotechnology and similar processes have helped shape the new version of Frankenstein’s monster Mary Shelley described 200 years ago at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

Whether I am correct in my bleak assessment that we have already passed the tipping point or Dowd’s somewhat more optimistic characterization is true, the monumental tasks unfolding before our insouciant society of overpaid athletes, self-impressed media stars, corrupt politicians, bought-off scientists, fake news journalists, overly woke academicians, godless clergy and a consumer-bloated citizenry are truly daunting.

Americans in particular seem particularly clueless despite the systematic abuse foisted upon them by their leaders who have successfully mesmerized over 300 million people into compliance with countless laws and freedom constricting rules that destroy the notions of liberty embedded in their founding documents.

There is divisiveness now visible everywhere across this land. I predict the need to prevent those responsible for it from being held accountable who have benefitted handsomely from their misdeeds, especially those in the Military-Industrial Complex with their countless wars for Empire, will likely lead as Dowd has said to a coming false flag type event that can serve like 9/11 or Covid as a pretext to divert attention and shut down America into a Hunger Games type dystopia.

To the extent Dowd is right, it makes it even more imperative that as an advisor to RFK, Jr. he makes clear to the presidential candidate that he has nothing to lose by going all in as an independent on a third party ticket as a baby step towards fighting the evils I described above and as a way to directly confront the obscenity of the DNC
obstructing his ability to win the White House.

The latest news has RFK flirting with the Libertarian Party. Whether he decides to run as their candidate, opt for the No Labels effort, or form his own brand along the lines I suggested with The American Peace Party, it would be a refreshing move filled with the potential for transforming our politics away from the stagnated, corporate-dominated, uniparty we now have.

The more he waits, the worse things get and the more I get to wear that ugly male “Cassandra” title I prefer goes away! I pray RFK abandons the Dems ASAP and follows the path set by Tulsi Gabbard whose disgust with the endless wars backed by both wings of the War Party led her to end her association with the Democrats.

Together on the same ticket, they could forge an alliance of Independents, populist Dems who supported Bernie, Tea Party populists who formed the core of Trump’s MAGA Movement, Libertarians and countless millions of other disgruntled voters tired of wasting their votes on RINOs, warmongering Dems and other phonies who have done
so much harm to America.


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