Of yankee Evil, Lies & Propaganda

When the yankee won against the Confederacy using gang rapes of children, pregnant women, minister’s daughters, black and white, often until death, digging up the dead to rob, mass murder, mass arson, planned starvation, destruction of whole cities filled with civilians, the evil of the yankee did not just infiltrate Southern Schools, but also Southern churches.

The reason today such mass lies and bullshit is used to hide not only the evil of the yankee’s war crimes, but the true reason the South stood against the Marxist God-less evil of the yankee, is to rewrite history to make the good guys (Confederates) the “bad” guys, and the bad guys (puritan yankees) the “good” guys.

I have a Viet Nam vet brother who I talk to several times a week via telephone.
We have compared notes on family history, our military experiences, “history”, politicians and such.

Our mother was born in 1915 in Texas.
In yankee occupation school she was taught the yankee treated the black man much better than the Southern man.
She told this to my brother when he was growing up.
He said image his surprise when he was drafted and went to boot camp with a bunch of yankees from Michigan.
He said he learned a BUNCH of new derogatory terms for blacks.

Southern Christianity was about making one’s self a better person.
A daily walk with the Creator God in which daily one tried to become a better man, women, husband, wife, a better asset to humanity.

Puritan yankee “Christianity

was Marxist Atheism cloaked in a make-believe fake “god” the yankees understood really did not exist.

Puritanism was judgmental, evil, worrying about the “sins” of others while excusing one’s own evil.

My father was a Southern Christian while my mother was a Southerner indoctrinated with yankee hypocritical Puritanism.

In our talks I have pointed out to my brother our mother’s “Christianity was Zionist Zombie skin deep “christianity”.

My brother while not disagreeing with me did not want to say too much about her as she was our mother.

Finally though he started admitting to me he had seen her self righteousness and hypocrisy.
The other day he admitted he had noticed when something bad had happened to someone, our mother would make a statement God was punishing them for some evil they had done.

I explained to him our mother’s christianity was “puritanism”, yankee religion.
Always worrying about the “end of times” when one should be worrying about daily improving their walk with the Creator God.

Today the evil which won the yankee’s war of illegal invasion is working hard to wipe out true history of the last Americans to make a large stand against the evil of Marxist puritanism and the real reason they made that stand.

Southerners were defending freedom, individual God Given rights.

The yankee was fighting to build the evil communistic God-less shit hole you see around you.

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