Official calls on UK, Germany to respect Iran’s sovereignty

TEHRAN – Abbas-Ali Kadkhodaei, a member of Iran’s Guardian Council, has called on the UK and Germany to respect Iran’s sovereignty under international law.

In an opinion piece for The New Arab published on Friday, Kadkhodaei said London and Berlin has long pursued policies that contravene Iran’s sovereignty. “The governments of Germany and the UK’s declared policy with respect to Iran has long been in breach of the principle of the sovereignty of the Iranian government as they continue to unilaterally impose their illegitimate will on the independent government of the Islamic Republic of Iran through interference, funding its enemies and promoting hostile propaganda against it,” he wrote. 

He added, “The Munich conference this year hosted some anti-Iran figures instead of the Iranian government. By inviting individuals affiliated to Iran’s former dictator regime, whose pathetic crimes against the Iranian nation are known to all, to participate in the 2023 Munich Security Conference, the German government can be held liable under international law.”

Kadkhodaei, also an advisor to the Iranian foreign minister, criticized a visit by British representatives to the People’s Mojahedin Organization (MKO). “Both the invitation by Berlin and visit by British Parliamentarians were wrongful acts that fall within the scope of the State responsibility as they took place under the two government’s direction, provocation, and control. Additionally, under Article 4 of Draft articles on Responsibility of States for internationally wrongful acts, Berlin and London are responsible for its internationally wrongful act,” he continued.

The Iranian official stated, “Organizing the so-called security conference and holding talks with members of the terrorist cult, under the effective role of the German government, constitute an intervening act and pave the way for the continuation of the dissident elements’ international criminal activities.”

Kadkhodaei said, “Engaging with the promoters of violence and terror whose intervening acts threaten global international peace and security- in the midst of Germany and the UK’s active support for them- is a wrongful act that holds the two regimes internationally liable for the violation of the United Nations Charter.”

He noted, “Articles 49 to 52 of the Draft articles reserve the right for the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to assert its rights. Accordingly, Iran’s reciprocal and proportional action in response to Germany and the UK – depending on the level of the German government’s actions- could be evaluated. This will bring about the Islamic Republic of Iran’s firm and legitimate proportionate response.”

Kadkhodaei concluded, “The principle of sovereignty is of primary importance in international law, and it can’t be violated with impunity by states and international organizations. States and international organizations are obliged to perceive the principle of sovereignty as an inalienable right of the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to be able to stop the dissident elements and their interference. The international community needs to respect this principle and recognize it as one of the obligations of the international community towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.”


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