On Vaccines and the COVID-19 “Surge” in India

When COVID-19 first struck India, Cabal Times was among the first to draw a connection between the flawed RT-PCR tests throwing false positives, and the false positives being used by Globalist think tanks, media outlets and institutions to make the case for a total lock-down of Indian economic activity. On 27th March 2020, the New York Times claimed that 300 million to 500 million Indians were likely to get infected by the end of July. None of this bullshit happened, But they did manage to scare Indian authorities into inducing nightmarish lock-downs, which reduced economic activity by up to 40% and probably killed more people in the upheaval. Had India continued on this route, they would have ended up in receivership of the IMF and the World Bank, as intended. But it seems Indian leaders came to their senses and prevented the insanity from progressing, by significantly easing the lock-downs. Everything was going well. In late January 2021, there was indication that Delhi might develop herd immunity.

To quote,

The latest antibody testing data conducted in Delhi, India suggests that the nation’s capital may be very close to attaining herd immunity against COVID-19. The Delhi government has been regularly conducting antibody tests since August 2020 to assess the spread of the virus in the capital region. In the fifth and the largest survey so far, more than 28,000 samples were tested across 11 districts in Delhi between Jan. 11 and Jan. 22. Preliminary results show that more than 60% of residents in one district in Delhi had antibodies against the coronavirus. The antibody rate in other districts more than 50%. If these findings hold true, it would imply that half of the city’s 20 million people has been exposed to the virus and recovered.

So what went wrong?

They are back!

Some skeptics may want to know for sure whether there is indeed a surge or if we are facing another Globalist media blitz. The one fact which suggests something is up is the fixation on Delhi. Even the virus seems to be fixated on it. Globalists have taken India before, by strictly focusing their energies on Delhi alone. Its not any different now. Take the case of the creepy symbolism at Delhi International Airport. Or take the case of a brand new political party which emerged out of nowhere a decade ago, as a shoddy substitute to the Congress Party, but seems to be obsessed with Delhi alone, and not the Indian countryside. Predictably, the same political party is at the centre of the hysteria. But lets assume the Globalists have their people in power on a Municipal level at Delhi. That alone cannot allow them to hijack the machinery of the Central Government. There are several Constitutional safeguards to prevent that from happening. What they need is a crisis. And it seems they are keen to experiment with several crises.

But what if this is not another coordinated media blitz, and people are suddenly starting to die of Covid-19? Some have begun whispering that Covid-19 has made a comeback because of the vaccine roll-out! And indeed, Delhi was the focus of India’s vaccine roll-out. There are plenty of anecdotal cases from around the world which suggest a relationship between vaccinations and Covid-19 infections. A famous one is that of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and his wife, who seems to have contracted Covid-19 after taking the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine. There is a recent case of a Canadian nurse who tested positive for Covid-19 after taking one shot of the Moderna vaccine.

Then there is this Redditor who has put together a rather convincing scenario.

Are many vaccinated people unintentionally spreading Covid-19? Or if we accept Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche’s dire warning, vaccines are reducing the natural immunity of their recipients against Covid-19, which could translate into a spike. Remember that Indian vaccines are being deceptively marketed as indigenous, but they are not.



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