Operation Omicron – The Norse And Roman Gods Odin and Kronos

By Nathan Leal | Watchmancry

This disclosure will expose the plan of the New World Order Beast, which includes destroying the present world which for them, requires a massive depopulation campaign, to usher in their new age of trans-humanism. If you have not repented, I would suggest that you do, because their New Age Dystopian nightmare has already begun, and Bible-believing Christians are not invited.

It’s happening folks. The end is upon us! The age of the Gentiles is expiring, and the return of Jesus is very near. Sadly, most people don’t know this. Perhaps a few of them suspect that something weird is going on, but the present operation was diabolically created to remain hidden. And it is succeeding.

For the wise, it is obvious that we are there, and as Christians, it is important that we know and understand what they are planning to do. So in this disclosure, I am going to reveal a portion of what they are doing…and are going to do.

(Note – when I say, “they,” I am referring to “TPTB – The Powers That Be,” the Elite of the world, the Kings of the Earth, the Bankers, the Bilderberg Minions, the trans-humanist hybrid wannabes masquerading as billionaires, and the bloodsucking political vampires who sold their soul for power and a few extra years! Also included are the Freemasons, because they are one of the core religions that is guiding mankind towards chaos and destruction.

Omicron Variant

They are calling it the – Omicron Variant. This was a decision made by the folks at the W.H.O. (The World Health Organization), when they decided to name the variants after the Greek alphabet.

Never mind that after starting at the beginning, they skipped a few letters and jumped to – omicron.

Why “Omicron?” A few reasons;

1. … So that their dreaded lab plague would have an imposing name.

2. … They stay in charge by choosing the name of their gene-spliced virus babies.

3. … It allows them to masquerade their plan while at the same time revealing their intentions which are hidden in plain sight.

Make note of the third reason folks. The name – Omicron, does this. It contains a secret message that reveals what they’re up to. Unfortunately, the world cannot see it. Because if they did, this report would have already been made public. Therefore, they are using the old-school tactic of cloaking their intentions under ambiguous symbolism that most folks in darkness do not care to decode.

But we are not in darkness. We are children of the light. And God always reveals His secrets to His servants to keep us one step ahead, so please take this information to prayer and use it to open the eyes of your friends and family members.

The Plan

Operation Covid is a satanic endeavor with complexity beyond the scope of most people’s comprehension. The plan is pure evil and the only way that this thing could be carried out to the present level is with the help of supernatural forces. Mankind did not come up with this plan by himself. Operation Covid has evil intelligence behind it.

COVID Backwards In Hebrew Is DIVOC: Possession By An Evil Spirit

This is precisely what Revelation chapter 13 tells us. “The beast rose from the sea … and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.”

Operation Covid is Bible prophecy in motion….

… The Corona plague is conquering the world.

… The toxic remedy is killing the world.

… And the threat of loss of convenience is enslaving the world.

As much as anyone hates it, it is never going away. Normal will never return. The world is under siege. The cities are surrounded, and a great plunder awaits.

…. So does a body count!

I cannot say that enough. The funeral parlors of the world are going to prosper and most folks will never figure out that they were bamboozled by lies.

When we look at the plague and its resulting policies of madness and insanity, it is evident that dark powers have accompanied the plague’s arrival.

We have all watched as the power of fear placed a yoke on well-meaning folks and led them to take the jab … in order to keep their job! The fears and threats are very powerful. Many of you are lamenting because you tried to point your family member to the truth about Covid’s delusions, but instead, they ignored your advice and ran to one of Fauci’s porcupine elves and welcomed the dreaded poison quill.

Your loved one took the sauce, and now you’re wondering what it is going to do to them. If this is you, you’re not alone. So keep praying for them.

In the coming weeks, they are going to detonate the old order of the world, set it on fire, and strip away the last vestiges of freedom from each country, one by one. It is a global takeover to conquer and occupy mankind, and change the face of the world that we used to know.

Many of you have already noticed that it is dark. You can feel it in the air, but be warned, it is about to get much darker!

Are you still with me? I understand that some folks do not want to know this information. But it’s very important for you to read this because it will help to explain the real truth.

The Greek Alphabet

As I just stated, the medical clerics and hobgoblins of the WHO are supposedly going through the Greek alphabet to name the Covid variants that seem to keep mutating, those stubborn virus rascals! But using the Greek alphabet is a deflector to their real motive, which is … (get ready folks… to summon and invoke the powers of darkness!)

Yes, I know. The sounds crazy, but we have already witnessed this several times in the past. Remember the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony?

Make note folks. The Covid mutations were given names to invoke spiritual forces and open the bottomless pit!

I know this sounds crazy, but the last two years of Covid have been a display of crazy personified, and without examining this madness through a spiritual lens, it will never make sense.

… So let’s continue…

God Revealed Their Secret

On the night of December 1, 2021, the voice of the Lord spoke to me in a dream. In the dream, He asked me about the meaning of the word – Omicron.

“I don’t know,” I answered.

He then asked, “Well what does ‘Omi’ mean?”

Again, I answered, “I don’t know.”

So then the Lord said, “What does ‘Omi’ mean in German?”

I knew the answer, because Alison is German, and from time to time, she has been giving me lessons to learn German, and I had heard this word. It is a casual form of “grandma.”

So I answered, “It means grandma.”

Then the Lord said, “Ask Alison about it, and research the word further in German. And study the word, “omicron.”

I woke up. The first thing I did was ask Alison about it. She confirmed that “yes,” word does mean, “grandma.”

So I began researching with that in mind. “Omicron,” and “grandma.”

I wondered if it meant that the coming financial damage of Omicron was going to take us to the “grandma,” of Germany’s present economy?

1. Germany’s present economy – the euro. (The present)

2. Germany’s previous economy – the Nazi regime. (The parent)

3. Germany’s hyperinflation economy of the 1920’s – the Weimar Republic. (The Omi grandma)

I wondered if this was all it meant? Perhaps. But if that’s all it was, why would God go through the trouble to share this with me? I knew there had to be more. I was at my computer and I whispered a prayer.

“God, I need help.”

He answered in a still small voice. “Look into German-Norse mythology.”

So I did. I researched the name of the Norse God that I was familiar with, and was shocked by what I found!

I knew that “Odin,” was the chief Norse god. So does most of the world, because Hollywood has been educating the public by producing Marvel Universe movies featuring the mythological characters, “Odin” … “Thor” … “Loki,” and several others. By the way, this was no accident. Satan has been downloading his plan for years. And the unassuming public has had no clue how important the character Odin is to the elite.

Odin is Their God

…. So back to my research. I was at my computer and I decided to do a search for the word “Odin,” and include “Omi.”

I was shocked at what I found.

According to pagans, the word, “Omi,” is one of the many sacred names for Odin. See for yourself. Wikipedia published it. Look for the word “Omi”.

But it doesn’t stop there, “Omi,” means, “the resounding one.” This means that according to pagans, Odin is an entity who makes a loud entrance when he shows up.

As I stared at the computer screen, I was in amazement. What were the odds? God’s prompting was meant to give insight into what they were going to do. I thanked the Lord for showing me. But the Holy Spirit told me to keep studying and searching it out. So I did. And I found more …. much, much, more.

I decided to add, “Freemason,” to the word, “Odin,” and “Omi.”

Again, I was shocked by the results. It brought up a quote from the Freemason Bible – Albert Pike’s book, “Morals and Dogma.”…

“In the Second Degree, the Initiate was taught the Unity of the Godhead, the happiness of the patriarchs, the destruction by the Deluge, the depravity of the heart, and the necessity of a mediator, the instability of life, the final destruction of all created things, and the restoration of the world in a more perfect form. They inculcated the Eternity of the Soul, explained the meaning of the doctrine of the Metempsychosis, and held the doctrine of a state of future rewards and punishments: and they also earnestly urged that sins could only be atoned for by repentance, reformation, and voluntary penance; and not by mere ceremonies and sacrifices.

The Mysteries among the Chinese and Japanese came from India, and were founded on the same principles and with similar rites. The word given to the new Initiate was O-MI-TO Fo, in which we recognize the original name A.U.M., coupled at a much later time with that of Fo, the Indian Buddha, to show that he was the Great Deity Himself.” Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, Page 429

So according to Albert Pike, the name, “Omi.” Is a portion of one of the names for Buddha, whom he calls, “the Great Deity Himself!”

It is interesting that the name is included in the Freemasonic ceremony for a second-degree initiate and is used to call out to a pagan god who Albert Pike considers the one and only God. By the way, for those who may have wondered if Freemasons are confused about who God is, we just read the proof.

As a Freemason initiate advances further, they take part in ceremonies that are just plain creepy:

“The aspirant attained only the exoteric knowledge in the first two Degrees. The third was attained only by a few, and the persons of rank and consequence, and after long purification, and study of all the arts and sciences known to the Druids,…

… He was obligated upon a naked sword (as is still the custom in the Rit Moderne) and sealed his obligation by drinking mead out of a human skull. …

The point within Circle, and the Cube, emblem of Odin, were explained to him; and lastly, the nature of the Supreme God, “the author of everything that existeth, the Eternal, the Ancient, the Living and Awful Being, the Searcher into concealed things, the Being that never changeth;” with whom Odin the Conqueror was by the vulgar confounded: and the Triune God of the Indians was reproduced, like Odin, the Almighty FATHER, …” Albert Pike – Morals and Dogma, pages 430,431

The Freemasons do not worship Yahweh, who is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Instead, they worship Odin, who they believe is the great deity himself.

Manly P. Hall confirms this in his Freemasonic Book, “Secret Teachings of All Ages,” where he tells us that Odin goes by 12 names.

“The twelve Drottars who presided over the Odinic Mysteries evidently personified the twelve holy and ineffable names of Odin.” Manly P. Hall

Odin’s Symbol – the Valknut

Odin was the chief god who was worshiped in old Germanic Scandinavia. Several archaeological sites have revealed this – The Stora Hammars image stones are four Viking Age image stones located in Stora Hammars, Sweden.

One of the stones contains images showing Odin and his symbol – the Valknut, which are three triangles intertwined with one another to illustrate the nine realms of Odin.

The realms are as follows:

1. Midgard (MiddleEarth – the realm of the humans)
2. Asgard (the world above where the Aesir, the gods of the principal pantheon dwell)

3. Helheim (the underworld realm of the dead)

4. Jotunheim – Realm of the Giants

5. Alfheim – Realm of the bright Elves

6. Muspelheim – Realm of fire and the forces of chaos

7. Svartalfheim – Realm of the Black Elves & Dwarves beneath the earth

8. Niflheim – Realm of Ice and Mist

9. Vanaheim – Realm of the Vanir

Ladies and gentlemen, the Valknut is a symbol to represent the nine realms. It is made up of three triangles inside of a circle.

The Summons – the Invocation of the New World Order

As I stated earlier, the use of Greek letters to describe the Covid variants has an esoteric purpose, and please make note folks, the Freemasonic navigators of the Satanic Plan use hidden symbolism to cloak what they’re doing.

“Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it. Truth is not for those who are unworthy or unable to receive it or would pervert it. Albert Pike “Morals and Dogma“ page 104

With that established, I wondered if the Greek letters that they have used to describe the variants could also be used to reveal their hidden intentions.

It is interesting that they have used three Greek letters that have a pyramid shape, Alpha, Delta, and Lambda… They have also used a letter that forms a circle, which when placed together form Odin’s Symbol – The Valknut

This is NOT a coincidence!

But it also does not stop there, The other day Alison asked me, “Have you noticed the shapes of these two greek letters that they are using to describe the variants? Delta is a triangle. Omicron is a circle. There’s a message there. She insisted.”

So I looked into it. I researched the two shapes. It turns out that these two shapes, when put together form a very powerful symbol that is used in sorcery and witchcraft.

It is called the – Thaumaturgic Triangle, the Solomonic Triangle, Triangle of Evocation, as well as other names that are prized by the clerics of dark sentences. The symbol is used by sorcerers and witches to summon demons and to open portals to the netherworld.

In the context of the Covid plandemic and take over, as I stated a moment ago, we can all see that madness has taken over and is presently stripping freedom from the earth. This undertaking is being steered by the powers of darkness. We are in the end times. Satan has been given authority to do this. And his minion kings who are in power are doing his bidding.

We are there folks! This is beyond denial. But the thing that is being omitted from the narrative is that it is a spiritual undertaking that was welcomed, promoted, and is presently being invoked by the name of this new variant – omicron.

The word “omicron” contains the names of two of their gods…

1. Omi – (Odin from Norse mythology) which means a loud resounding noise.

2. Cron – (Chronos, Kronos from Roman mythology) – the King of the Titans and the god of time, in particular time when viewed as a destructive, all-devouring force.

Make note folks, both Odin and Cronos are counterparts to the same god. This is not an accident! The name of the new variant contains the names of both of them.

Thus, the intention of the New World Order minions is to get the citizens of Earth to say the word which acts as a summons to welcome Satan and the creatures of darkness upon the earth.

Cronos is the God of time, chaos and destruction.

Odin is to them, the supreme father who will take the world into the final time of destruction, chaos, and the end of the world. This event is called Ragnarok – The Dark Winter.

The Dark Winter

Odin’s Ragnarok is the chaos that is desired by the Freemasons to burn up the world and depopulate its inhabitants. It is not an accident that the concept of Ragnarok is now mainstream. We find it in movies, TV shows, and video games.

It is not an accident that Joe Biden has told us that Dark Winters is upon us. This term has been also used by Fauci and many other politicians. Why? Because it is part of the script to bring death, chaos and bloodshed in order to have their order out of chaos.

It is also not an accident that Odin has resurfaced as a mainstream alternative to Christianity. Donald Trump himself has several loyalist groups who worship Odin. One of them calls themselves, “The Soldiers of Odin.”

One of the renditions of Odin includes the belief that Odin is Adonai. and broken down, Odin’s name means “A Don” or “Lord.” I will be talking about this a lot more in the future because it looks like Donald Trump is a part of this equation. And if he returns in 2024, I want to give a heads up that his return may be associated with Odin and everything that goes with it.

My friends, there is a lot to this. In my research, I have uncovered a lot more that I will have to share in further installments.

But for now, please know that we are watching a spiritual transaction take place when it comes to omicron. The purpose of the name is to tell the world, that the time (CRONUS) for their plan to bring chaos (Odin’s Ragnarok) to the world has arrived.

This is not just mythology. Revelation tells us that the second beast will be a false religion. And presently, the unveiling has begun.

May God have mercy on all of us.


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  1. Jim Patten says:

    The Keyhole of the Vatican has an obelisk in the center which to them is a phallus showing they will screw the world. The other two parts of “The Three-City States” are London City and DC, both also having obelisks. On the back end of the Keyhole on top are the building are 13 large male statues representing the 13 bloodline secret families of the Cabal who say, they can trace their family’s linage back to Cain. The Gargoyle’s are holding their hourglasses sideways, showing they have captured TIME (Kronos or CRON). The Vatican uses the Gregorian Calendar for all stock market trading in the world. Of course, they control all banking too. They get a slice of all contracts, just like any giant mafia.

    Great presentation! I knew most of this, but glad you’ve put it all in one place. Lots of hard work! I’ve turned folks onto your site. Much thanks!

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