Organized Jewry Tries to Silence Old Hippie


October 27, 2015


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Al Thompson said (October 27, 2015):

I heard a saying a long time ago: “The judge is your enemy, the prosecutor is your enemy, and your attorney is your enemy spy.” If Arthur is going to use an attorney on this, he will probably have a bad outcome. The reason is that even his attorney must support the scam.

He should ask the prosecutor: “What facts do you have that the code applies to me?” What is interesting is that there will be no facts that these codes apply to any man or woman. I did this recently in a traffic court and I simply asked: “What facts do you have that the vehicle code applies to me?” The “court” entered a plea for me and scheduled a trial about 30 days later.

The judge actually said that she called the officer and told him not to show up. So the case was dropped. The question attacks the underlying authority of the court as it shifts the burden of proof back to where it belongs; the accuser An attorney will probably not do this in a case like this one. This case is a political hit on Arthur.
So he must stay focused on the facts question and don’t let them slide around it. If they have no facts, there’s no evidence of any crime.

In addition, the word “person” is a word of art. “Person” means a “human being.” The problem with the word human being is that it means a “bi-pedal primate mammal” which means a monkey. The court considers a man or a woman an animal. This fits in with the Jewish-masonic freaks that think that the goyim are animals. This may be the reason they’ll never give an answer to the question: “What facts do you have that the code applies to me?” “What facts do you have that show that I am a ‘person’ and how does it apply to me?” They’ll never answer that one because they would have to prove the theory of evolution. Of course, if Arthur believes in evolution then this won’t help him.

He could also file in the a conscientious objection because he believes that the court process is based upon Satanic principles and it is repugnant to his moral beliefs.

The courts are extremely disgusting places to find oneself in and they are evil to the core. It is best to simply separate from them rather than think anyone can work within the system. Having been through the ringer myself, I can say that the court will cheat and his attorney will probably help them do it.

The courts reek of Talmudic Judaism, especially with their oath-taking which is breaking God’s commandments.

JG said (October 27, 2015):

Canada has produced many great “truthers” in the alternative internet media such as Henry, Arthur, Max French, and many others.

What is not being discussed here is the ignorant “play on words” that got Arthur in trouble in the first place.

Unfortunately even some of the best “truthers” in the field still speak of the Jews in the collective tense without differentiating as to what kind of Jews they are. I uses to do the same thing myself but thanks to Henry’s website I have learned that all “Jews” are not part of this NWO conspiracy and that to speak of them without specifying what kind of Jews they are is irresponsible and not fair play.

The once Canadian citizen Ernst Zundell found out just how much ” freedom and justice” there is with the Canadian courts. Truth and evidence were disallowed by these courts and deemed as “hateful”. It got Ernst deported and later imprisoned.

Mr. Trucker said (October 27, 2015):

To me, I hope that he is found not guilty. I hate to see this come to America.

All this is to divide and conquer Canada. I wonder what that new Prime Minister of yours is going to do. I hope he intervenes and tells them to drop it,meaning the case against this man.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

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