Owner of Stolen Truck Shot By Scumbag Thief, Owner Kills Scumbag, Scumbag’s Idiot Brother Says Scumbag Thief Was The Victim

Cue South Park Mall on the Southwest side of San Antonio, Occupied Republic of Texas.

Truck owner comes out of Mall, sees his truck is missing, sees it in another parking lot in same mall.

Walks over, pulls pistol, calls cops, tells thief and a female accomplice to exit his truck.

Thief pulls pistol and shoots truck owner.
Truck owner returns fire, kills scumbag thief and critically wounds accomplice.

Chief of Police McManus said, “Certainly a case of self-defense is what we have. Look, he was trying to recover his property”.

Scumbag thief’s idiot brother Jose Garcia whined,
“The victim was my brother and there are two sides to every story. Whether my brother was wrong or right, he had a gun pointed at him. I guess he took it upon himself to defend himself.

The guy who shot him is a vigilante, not a hero. A vehicle is not worth taking someone’s life, I don’t care what kind of car it is. You don’t take the law into your own hands. Now my mom, my family, we all have to suffer and just deal with it.”

So the idiot brother of the scumbag thief is suggesting folks should just let scumbags do whatever they want to without fighting back.

There is now one less criminal thief and attempted murderer in San Antonio.
Shame his brother Jose was not in the stolen truck with his now room temperature scumbag brother.

There would be one less idiot in San Antonio as well as one less thief and attempted murderer.

The Ole Dog!


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