Pence, The Trickster Trumpster’s VP, Wants War With Russia

Pence is trying to start WW3 for his Rothschild Masters by screaming for more and more weapons be sent to the USA’s puppet “government” in Ukraine run by a queer comedian.

“Even after the initiation of hostilities and the unconscionable Russian invasion, the administration has been slow in delivering armor and delivering munitions and still hasn’t given permission to provide aircraft and F-16s for our allies,” Pence said on Sunday, noting the United States invested 3 percent of its defense budget in Ukraine.

Well, no need to get poor kids killed, and the chicken hawk Pence

can still get his rocks off having war with Russia.

A duel between a high up Russian official and Pence will do nicely.
The Putinister has been sick, and as Pence was never the head of state the duel should not be forced on the Putinister.

Putin’s foreign spokesperson Maria Zakharova

should do fine.

Pence is feminine and ball-less so it would be unfair to put him against a real man in a duel.

Back to back, pistols, ten steps each, turn and fire.

Pence had his war with Russia and DC can give him a state funeral.

Oh did I mention, my money is on Maria

The Ole Dog!


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