Pharma-funded PR firm stages social media hashtag campaign in attempt to market mind-altering drugs to America’s impressionable youth

(NaturalNews) What was once considered a social stigma is quickly becoming a social media sensation, thanks to the crafty marketing tactics of the pharmaceutical industry.

Some folks who take mind-altering prescription drugs to treat mental illness are now parading their use of these dangerous chemicals across Facebook and Twitter with the celebratory hashtag “#MedicatedAndMighty,” which a little investigative digging has revealed to be anything but a grassroots movement.

To the contrary, a public relations firm that goes by the name of The Mighty appears to be the impetus behind this new pharmaceutical pride fest that’s glorifying the use of psychotropic medications to treat mental health conditions.

All those people holding up their orange bottles of pills in Twitter photos, declaring that they’ve finally come out of the pharmaceutical closet, are nothing more than pawns in Big Pharma’s latest effort to push more drugs on the youth of America.

Here are a few snapshots of what the #MedicatedAndMighty campaign is encouraging, in case you missed it:




As you can see, the campaign is focused on ending the stigma around pharmaceutical drug use for treating mental illness, which seems to be a laudable initiative from the perspective of patients who use such drugs. But there’s a whole lot more to it than just helping those who suffer from mental illness find support and healing.

A quick look at the website for The Mighty, the group that helped launch the #MedicatedAndMighty hashtag campaign to the forefront of public awareness, reveals that both of its founders are media moguls who encourage people to come out of the closet concerning their use of pharmaceutical drugs for health issues.

This PR group published a story on September 2 about the first woman to post a #MedicatedAndMighty “selfie” to Twitter, which was followed by a wave of support from others who decided to join her in getting signed up for psychotropic drugs. Here’s what The Mighty published in a follow-up article:

“After The Mighty published an article about Jones’ medication selfie on Wednesday, September 2, Jones received hundreds of messages from people thanking her for saying what they needed to hear. Jones estimates that she’s heard from at least 50 people who’ve told her they’ve filled a prescription, made an appointment to see a doctor or otherwise sought help because of her message.”

In other words, the #MedicatedAndMighty hashtag campaign is not only empowering current drug users to continue their drug regimens with pride, but it’s also encouraging others who are on the fence about seeking “help” (a.k.a. pharmaceutical drugs) to take the plunge as well.

This isn’t to say that the folks suffering from mental health issues who use pharmaceutical drugs are somehow in the wrong. This is about a pharma-backed PR firm foisting a hashtag campaign on the masses for the purpose of signing more people up for drugs which have a high risk of harm.

It has all the telltale signs of a calculated marketing blitz disguised as an empowerment campaign for victims of the pharmaceutical racket. And it’s what we’ve come to expect from an industry that literally gets away with murder by peddling dangerous pharmaceuticals on people who don’t need them, or who stand to be harmed by them.

Taking pharmaceuticals that can permanently alter brain chemistry and cause more mental illness isn’t cool or trendy. But The Mighty and those participating in its #MedicatedAndMighty hashtag campaign want you to think it is, which means more money in the bank for them.

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