Police Investigate ‘Anisemitic’ KKK Flyer Campaign To Protect Children From LGBT Grooming In Virginia Schools

Police in Virginia are investigating a series of allegedly “antisemitic” and “homophobic” flyers targeting a local school board that were distributed by a white supremacist group affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan:

Flyers denouncing the school board in Fairfax, Va., as “Jew-inspired, communist, qu*er-loving sex fiends violating the words of the Holy Bible” were discovered on Wednesday, ahead of the board’s meeting on Thursday night. The flyers carried the insignia of the “Loyal White Knights,” one of several groups around the country that compose the organized KKK movement, along with the warning that “Yahweh is Watching!

Members of the school board spoke out about the flyers during their meeting on Thursday night, local news outlet WTOP reported.

Those messages were targeted to all of us up here on this dais,” Springfield District representative Laura Jane Cohen said. “No matter where we come from, no matter what we look like, the hate was equally distributed to every one of us up here tonight.”

In a statement, Guila Franklin Siegel — associate director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington — noted “the particular insidiousness of targeting a district that is represented by a Jewish school board member who has been subjected to antisemitic rhetoric on previous occasions.”

“Our leaders should not have to endure threats of this kind and such virulent hate has no place in our community,” Siegel continued.

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the “Loyal White Knights” (LWK) is based in Pelham, North Carolina, and is “the largest and the most active Klan group in the country with approximately 100 members.”

The LWK is led by Christopher Barker, whose lengthy arrest record includes alcohol related offenses, assault, domestic battery, threats and weapons violations. During Barker’s frequent absences in prison, the LWK is run by his wife, Amanda Barker, the ADL report on the group observed.

Distributing racist and antisemitic flyers is now a core KKK activity, with dozens of incidents reported to the ADL and other groups each year. “The Loyal White Knights are by far the most active flyering group,” the ADL said. “Over the past five years they have been responsible for more than half (217 of 394 incidents or 55 percent) of all Klan propaganda distributions.”

So the most active Klan group in America has only 100 members — and their “core” activity isn’t burning crosses or lynching “negroes” — it’s — gasp — putting up flyers objecting to LGBT indoctrination of their children in schools — no mention of Blacks whatsoever.

How far the mighty have fallen.

Jews shouldn’t be surprised that they are singled out by those who object to homosexual grooming of our children in our schools — after all, Jews have unashamedly admitted that they all-in with this agenda.

Two Jewish billionaire foundations “just so happen to be” behind the farcical “drag queen story hour” trendThe Walter and Elise Haas and The Zellerbach Foundations.

Jewish lawmakers lead the movement to decriminalize statutory homosexual rape — and redefine pedophilia as just another one of many “sexual orientations” — just like they did with homosexuality 50 years ago.

And Jews have figured prominently in pressuring social media giants to allow “tasteful” photographs of nude children to be shared among pedophiles on Twitter.

Jewish-dominated Hollywood has been instrumental in normalizing homosexuality in America — such as turning degenerate pedophiles and sexual predators — like Harvey Milk — into national heroes.

And these examples of just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of Jewish involvement in sexualizing and exploiting our children — which is part of their larger agenda of bolshevizing our entire Christian nations at large.

And when Jewish identity is founded on their complete rejection of Christ — upon whom our White nations were built — would you really expect anything less from them?

But Jews wouldn’t get anywhere with this nefarious agenda without the approval and complicity of White Christian churches — and White liberal teachers and government lackeys who are among their greatest promoters.

And when “Christian conservatives” believe in a president who supposedly wants to “make America great again” by being the most “pro-gay president in Americans history” of the country — we have nothing to blame but our own hypocrisy.

A nation that refuses to be ruled over by Christ is destined to be ruled over by anti-Christ Jews.

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