Race-Mixing: The Key to World Peace?

By Eric Thomson (2000)

The promoters of race-mixing would have us believe that racial differences are the root cause of mankind’s troubles. The Marxists used to tell us that the root of all evil was “the class society”, which produced ‘awful’ things like capitalism and fascism. Of course, the promoters of Marxism and race-mixing are pretty much the same kosher crowd, who are gifted with the ability to change their coats and their tunes at the drop of a yarmulke. Now that Judeo-Communism has proved itself a miserable failure in the territories once known as the Soviet Union, the kosher commissars have invented another bogeyman to frighten and inflame the Goyim: “racism”. To avoid ‘confusion’, jew spokesmen emphasize that only Whites can be ‘guilty’ of “racism”, no one else. It is a characteristic of those who wage war by deception that they camouflage their specific target under such general terms. No one has ever accused the jews of lacking agility. When one weapon fails, they quickly seize another and press onward. Only their target remains the same and that target is you, Whitey!


The word “race” is applicable to one of the 3 generally accepted groups of humanoids: White, Black or Yellow. The “Brown” designation is not a race, but a composite, such as the mestizo (part Yellow and part White). The so-called “Red” man is really an Asian or Yellow offshoot. The true Indians of India show their racial mixture with their often Aryan features and exceedingly dark complexions. The so-called Semites of the Middle East are likewise mixed and are comprised of varying degrees of all 3 races. Jews are also of mixed race and, according to “The Genetics of the Jews”, a modern book authored by several jew hematologists, “even the blondest jews show from 5% to 10% Negro marker genes.” Biological nations and tribes are subgroups of a race. It is thus incorrect to speak of a French, German or English “race”. Americans are neither a race nor a nation in biological terms. An American can be any featherless biped resident on or issuing from either of the American continents. The reason for this rudimentary definition of terms is to distinguish “racial conflicts” from all other conflicts in human history. Are racial differences the primary source of human conflict?

When we examine world conflict over the ages, we see that race was rarely the issue or cause for war. In jewish mythology, the “first human conflict” was alleged to be that of Cain killing his brother, Abel. One may assume that the brothers were of the same race, although many tales of female behavior in the jew-book indicate a fair amount of promiscuity, so there might have been a racial difference after all! The only reason for mentioning jewish mythology in regard to racial conflict is that the so-called Old Testament is perhaps the oldest selection of race-war tales one may find. Race is the basis of conflict when the goal is the annihilation, rather than the subjugation of the other race. The caste system of the Hindu religion, which was based on the concept of “varna” or color, was an attempt on the part of India’s Aryan conquerors to prevent miscegenation. But, as Earnest Sevier Cox points out, no law can prevent race-mixing when two or more races occupy the same living space. Because the ancient Aryans chose to subjugate and not annihilate the dark race in India, there are no pure Aryans left on the subcontinent, unless they are recent arrivals. India proves that there is no profit in winning a territory and losing one’s race.

History records vicious intra-racial wars in which members of the same race engaged in fratricidal slaughter. The many centuries of warfare amongst the various kings and emperors of China; the Peloponnesian Wars which destroyed Aryan Greece; the Thirty Years’ War which wiped out most of White Europe; the American Civil War and World Wars I and II; the endless tribal wars of Africa, the Middle East and pre-Columbian America; in none of these do we see racial differences as the cause. On the contrary, the viciousness of these conflicts seemed to be greater when the combatants were of the same race!

Inter-racial conflicts such as the conquests of Genghis Khan; the Turkish and Moorish conquest of parts of Europe; the European colonial conquests; the U.S. conquest of Japan, etc., were often vicious in terms of fighting, but these were wars of subjugation. Hence, the conquered continued to live after being defeated militarily. When, however, the goal of the conflict is annihilation of one or more races by another and not domination, we can say that race is the basis of the conflict. The Japanese were often quite efficient in clearing areas of non-Japanese and I suspect that America would appear quite different today, had the Japanese actually had the means and the desire to attack and invade the American mainland. The Japanese and all other non-Whites are being permitted to invade and conquer North America without the noisy formalities of military confrontation, so we may see what the Japanese would have had in store for Americans after all. Most inter-racial conflicts have not resulted in the annihilation of the defeated race, so the indication is that racial differences were not the cause of the conflicts. Throughout history, the primary cause of war appears to be the desire for personal enrichment in the form of land, labor and natural resources. Religion plays an important part in bringing about many wars, but wars on behalf of one’s race appear to be quite seldom, unless one sees world jewry as being the author of wars designed to destroy the races of mankind by getting them to fight among themselves. The jews always know that they are engaged in race war, but I am here attempting to analyze the non-jews’ motives, and race would appear to be the lowest priority in terms of Gentile conflict.

The jews, who are all of mixed racial makeup, but who resemble their host peoples upon whom they prey, authored the 2 bloody upheavals known as the “French” and the “Russian” Revolutions. The slaughter of “the best of the Goyim” in each case was perpetrated by the worst of the Goyim at the urging of their jew ‘dementors’. The Judeo-Bolshevik coup and civil war, followed by the bloody Judeo-Communist regime killed millions upon millions of non-jews, but aside from demonstrating the jews’ omnipresent bloodlust, these so-called revolutions were really internal wars of subjugation, in accordance with the talmudic ‘promise’ that the “Messiah” would provide each jew with 2400 Goy slaves. The mistreatment of Palestinian Semites by the non-Semitic Ashkenazim also demonstrates the jews’ penchant for enslavement of the host population. In this case, host and parasite are both race-mixed, but neither seems very peaceful!

The “Indian Wars” of North America were race wars whenever the objective of either Whites or Indians was to kill or to displace the racial enemy. The fact that so many Indians survive today and that their numbers are rapidly increasing disproves the frequent allegations that the Whites’ intention was “always” to annihilate the Indians. So much the worse for the Whites!

The Spanish and Portuguese conquests of so-called Latin America were indeed race wars, in which both races – conquerors and conquered – were destroyed by a consciously-adopted policy of race-mixing, similar to the later behavior of the French in North America. What sort of ‘social harmony’ did race-mixing produce in Latin America? Ever since the Spaniards and the Portuguese were driven out of these territories, mestizo has fought mestizo. The ‘Conquistadores’ will continue to fight the ‘Indios’ even when there is no discernible difference between one or the other!

The first openly-proclaimed racial annihilation program in recent times was in the form of the jews’ Morgenthau Plan for the total extermination of the German people of Europe. Although this plan was only partially carried out by the jews’ American and Soviet stooges, it was nevertheless a conflict based upon racial differences. The jews’ clearly-stated goal was the total annihilation, rather than the subjugation, of the German people.

Subjugation and/or enslavement of members of one race by another are often used to ‘prove’ that racial differences are a source of conflict and injustice. What the promoters of race-mixing studiously overlook is the fact that any race which enslaves members of other races begins by enslaving its own. The White slaves of the New World were as much slaves as the Blacks who were brought to work beside them. Slavery has long existed in all parts of the world and it persists in many parts today, especially in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. No race has been exempt from enslaving or being enslaved, usually by members of the same race! Slavery is most certainly not the outcome of racial differences, therefore no amount of race-mixing will eradicate this practice.

Race war is defined as the displacement of one race by another from its living space and/or the annihilation of one race by another. The most recent example of race war is the annihilation of all races by miscegenation. Military confrontations are unnecessary for war to exist, as Sun Tzu and Clausewitz would warn us. Even if we refuse to fight, we are nonetheless in a state of war, a war directed toward one goal: our extinction as a race.


The jewsmedia have recently proclaimed that the number of inter-racial marriages between Whites and non-Whites has increased appreciably in the U.S.A. Also mentioned is the noticeable increase in mixed-race offspring resulting from inter-racial promiscuity. Anyone can see the chaotic and darkening face of America by visiting the local shopping mall, preferably during hours when a White person is relatively safe from assault by the marauding mud-people who lurk in such places. Remember, White Americans: your taxes pay for the spread of this racial plague, so don’t point your finger at others. You are also responsible! The Zionist Occupation Government is your enemy, but you go right on feeding it. The Z.O.G. gives you taxation without representation, and it gives the non-Whites representation without taxation. How long will you play by Z.O.G. rules of “heads they win and tails we lose”?

Marriage and family life are difficult for most decent, honest, hard-working people in this declining century of the Pox Judaica. Even kosher sociologists warn that additional difficulties arise when man and wife are of different religions, especially when they take their religions seriously. Friction is compounded when the couple is of the same race, but of different cultural backgrounds, such as English and French. Add this friction and multiply with compound interest and you will have some idea of the discord facing a marriage when the difference is racial!

One ostensible “White” man complained to a fellow worker that his wife had become extremely difficult to get along with. When he came home, he would find her drunk and abusive, to the extent that she would throw bottles at him. “What do you expect when you marry an Indian?” commented the unsympathetic fellow-worker. “How did you know she was an Indian?” exclaimed the ’embottled’ husband, “You’ve never even seen her picture!” “Simple,” said the White man who related this to me, “it’s typical Indian behavior.” Because of racial differences, the Amerasiatics mis-named “Indians” have a disastrous affinity for ‘firewater’, which seems to bring out their suppressed aggression. Anyone nearby, including a fellow Indian, becomes a target for violence. Moreover, the American Indian is taught to carry a chip on his shoulder. According to kosher authority, the White man is ‘guilty’ for everything that ails the Indian, even the hangover on the morning after! Other Whites or almost Whites complain of the recurring “Indian War” syndrome, whenever their squaws feel thwarted. Even more pathetic are reports from White women who have fallen for the “noble savage” twaddle and who bear the scars of their ill-conceived marriages to Indian males. Unfortunately, the offspring of such marriages are double-damned to relive the “Indian Wars” within themselves until death releases them from the torment.

White females who ‘marry’ Black men are usually left holding the mulatto result of their encounter, with the Black ‘husband’ nowhere to be found. White women who marry Asians are also in for a rough ride. Asian men tend to be quite selfish and spoiled in their heterosexual relationships, as compared to White men. Asians are usually very race-conscious and it is unlikely that the white wife and her Eurasian offspring would be well received by the Asian male’s family. Mixed-race persons are even attacked on the streets in Asian countries.

White males rarely marry Black females, although there are visibly more such couples than previously. Usually, White males prefer Asian females because of their smaller build, shorter stature and their traditionally submissive nature, which make the typical White male wimp feel ‘macho’. This is a sad, but true commentary on the state of the White man in Judeo-America.

To a great extent, kosher-inculcated feelings of White ‘guilt’ produce the hoped-for lack of White self-esteem and self-respect which foster this present plague of race-mixing. No one who respects himself or herself would lack respect for his or her own race. Why would we not wish to look, think and feel like our ancestors? Where self-respect exists, there should be no inter-racial marriage. Observe the poor posture of the White male or female when you see them with their non-White spouses and their gaggle of golliwogs. See how they slouch, slump and shuffle along, like tired and beaten pack animals who bear their “White Man’s Burden”!

Mixed race parents are not really to be considered here, but in passing I note from frequent observation that mestizo and mulatto parents’ offspring follow the Mendelian pattern: some look ‘in between’, while others resemble the original racial stock of Black, White or Yellow. Because all humanoids are members, not necessarily in good standing, of the animal kingdom, it is conceivable that geneticists may one day UNMIX these confused and sorry-looking critters, just as domestic livestock were CREATED by selective breeding and are maintained in the same way. Where there is life, there is hope. Human devolution can be reversed, once we finally grow disgusted with chaos, provided we are not destroyed by it first. In any case, if we don’t do the job, Nature will, although She is quite indifferent toward the survival of civilization and humanoids on Her planet. Man’s sentimentality makes him cruel because he suffers the nonviable to exist. Nature is kind because she kills degenerate lifeforms swiftly. In brief, Nature is Nazi. Jew religion and philosophy to the contrary, man can only learn to serve Nature. He never can nor should attempt to be Her ‘master’. Our dams hold water and our cows give milk because we have learned something of Natural Law. The White man is one of Nature’s best students, but he must learn to use his knowledge wisely.

Until the White man learns his ‘Biology I’ lesson, his civilizations will continue to self-destruct, leaving the Asians to maintain some of our inventions, like gunpowder, bronze, paper, compasses, etc., until some White explorer finds them again. In the 1940s the Chinese received two types of American steam locomotive which they have faithfully copied ever since. When 1000 years have passed and America is not even an expression on the maps, assuming maps will exist, it is likely that the Chinese will still be making such locomotives. Along will come an uncouth, uncivilized White man and he will return to his fellows with the amazing report that the Chinese have invented the steam engine! The White man creates and forgets; the Yellow man copies and remembers.

As I said to one American Indian of the ‘Chip-on-the-Shoulder-Tribe”, “Don’t fret about the White man. He is doing himself in. All you have to do is avoid making the same mistakes yourself and this continent will again be yours.” “But you are White,” said the ‘chief’, “how can you say that?” “Just because it’s true,” I replied. As a White man, I say to you, my fellow Whites, that my prediction will come true if we persist in our self-destructive ways. How hard we work to dig our own graves! It boggles the minds of other races and mixtures thereof, just as it impresses me, for I am long past the point of being depressed by our racial folly. As Germans say: “Nicht ärgern, nur wundern!” (“Don’t fret, just wonder!”).

I wonder at the fact that my fellow Whites have so little love for their children and the race of which they are a part. By their actions and lack thereof, White people show their selfish indifference to the future, which is bound to respond in kind. An entire generation of aging Whites expects to be supported by an increasingly non-White population. Don’t bank on that, Whitey!

All most Whites really seem to care about is “getting and spending”, yet, the trinkets and toys which most of their earnings go to purchase do not seem to satisfy them either. What they are attempting to buy is happiness, it would appear, but the things which cost them their lives in work prove to be symbols without substance. Thus it is that most Whites live lives of “quiet desperation”, which Thoreau noted even in early 19th century America. “America is the distilled essence of Judaism,” wrote the German economist, Werner Sombart.

Fearing to jump off the Judeo-American treadmill to oblivion, in order to stop and think, these White fools strive to distract themselves from reality by entertainment fantasies and increasingly futile activities. What relief they must feel when the Grim Reaper lets them know that they can finally drop dead! Anything to avoid facing reality and the all-too-painful task of THINKING. The jews call us “goyim”, i.e. cattle in human form, and all too many of us oblige by existing on the jews’ terms. We consume, excrete and copulate when we are not being fleeced or slaughtered. Our minds are focussed only on the present, with no past in our memories and no thoughts of the future. We are similar to the beautiful, thoughtless Eloi of H.G. Wells‘ “Time Machine” who were periodically ‘harvested’ and eaten by the jew-like Morlocks. Is this the existence my race has chosen for itself? It would appear so.

Our decline as a race cannot be stopped until we truly wish to live as White people. We must learn to desire a White Future for ourselves and our children even more than we presently desire that ‘big-ticket’ item in the display window of the jew-store. Otherwise, we shall continue to be punished for being derelict in our racial duties and for abandoning our great heritage. We will continue to see ourselves degenerate into a bunch of albino niggers. How much happier we would be in a society OF US, BY US AND FOR US! This is really what we are missing and the sooner we realize this, the sooner we can begin curing all of that which ails us.


For those who claim that race-mixing will produce peace and harmony to accompany America’s “Jew World Order”, I say that we should look before we leap. Let us look at the jew, individually and collectively, for he is the example of race-mixing par excellence. Is any jew at peace with himself or with any other jew? Take a look at Israel! Then we can look at Latin America, the Middle East and the Balkans, all places where race-mixing predominates. Is this the ‘peace’ we would wish to see imposed on the whole world? Race-mixed India sends forth swamis who preach that they represent a people, a culture and a religion which are paragons of peace, even while the people of India are killing one another in riots over religious and ethnic differences. If you believe that race-mixing is ‘the key to world peace’, then there is a bridge in Brooklyn which I would like to sell you, at a price just ‘right’ for you!

Source Article from http://www.renegadetribune.com/race-mixing-key-world-peace/

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  1. Jason Reeves says:

    You sound vaccinated.

  2. SALPUTE says:

    It is obvious that the forced race mixing imposed to the West by politician prostitutes on behalf of their jewish pimps is the reason of so many conflicts and the destruction of our communities and social systems.

    This has been designed to destroy the West.

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