Right Wing Bonus Tracks: In The Language Of The Bible

  • MAGA cultist Shane Vaughn was able to go to Mar-a-Lago and was overwhelmed: “I felt as if I was in the castle of the King of a nation.” Vaughn also reported that he proudly donated to the GoFundMe created to help Trump pay off his massive fines.
  • Jason Rapert is not happy with our coverage of the comments Oregon state Rep. E Werner Reschke made on Rapert’s show, or the controversy that has resulted from them: “You have to love the godless liberal Leftists, they have no shame. They attack Christians constantly, twist their words, try to demean them, and then go ask for money to fight Christian ‘extremism’. It is a racket and Right Wing Watch is one of the worst offenders.” For the record, in no way did RWW “twist” Reschke’s comments.
  • Far-right broadcaster Stew Peters called Nikki Haley a “fake Christian” and “a disgusting whore” on his program last night, alleging that she takes part in “third world Sikh rituals because she’s an Indian, not an American.” Then, on the same program, Peters interviewed Kristina Karamo, who is currently fighting to retain her position as chair of the Michigan Republican Party. Predictably, Peters blamed the effort to remove Karamo on the Jews.
  • Just a reminder that David Barton is never going to stop repeating his lies, no matter how many times they are debunked.
  • Finally, we have heard Christian nationalists make a lot of ridiculous arguments over the years, but few can match Gene Bailey’s assertion that the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights were “written in the language and the prose of the [King James] Bible.”
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