Right Wing Round-Up: Be Very Afraid

  • Kate Riga @ Mediaite: Fearing Blowback, A Couple Arizona Senate Republicans Join Democrats To Repeal 1864 Abortion Ban
  • A couple Arizona Senate Republicans crossed over Wednesday to help Democrats repeal the state’s 1864 ban as national Republicans hope to avert electoral punishment.

  • Jaxon White @ Lancaster Online: Conservative lawmakers, faith leaders meet with Christian dominionist activist in Harrisburg
  • Two Republican state lawmakers and several faith leaders were among those who met Wednesday with a controversial Christian activist to discuss promoting a prayer rally in Harrisburg ahead of the general election. Sean Feucht, an evangelical musician who has become increasingly active in politics, told several dozen people at the Capitol media center in Harrisburg that his organization, Let Us Worship, will host a prayer rally on the steps of the Pennsylvania Capitol in October to “prophesize over” the fall election.

  • Angry White Men: AZ State Senator Anthony Kern Appears On Rumble Show Of Holocaust Denier Stew Peters
  • On May 1, 2024, AZ State Sen. Anthony Kern made a guest appearance on the Rumble show of Stew Peters. Peters is a Holocaust denier and Nazi sympathizer with a history of violent, racist, anti-LGBTQ, and antisemitic rhetoric. Kern, who was recently indicted for his role in Donald Trump’s fake electors plot, claimed that God was “raising up” Trump and Peters.

  • David Badash @ The New Civil Rights Movement: MAGA State Superintendent Supports Chaplains in Public Schools – But Not From All Religions
  • As several Oklahoma news outlets report, there’s a wrinkle lawmakers may not have anticipated.

  • Joe Jervis: MAGA Prophet: Trump Critics Will Be Struck With Boils
  • “My children, you are about to see biblical-type plagues strike some of your enemies, even on their faces. Boils will be seen. See who was infected by them. See how they will try to explain it away. But know your enemies are very afraid just as they were in Egypt.”

  • Evan Vorpahl @ True North: True North Issues New Research Report Detailing Who Is Targeting State Courts to Limit Freedoms
  • True North is issuing a new research report shining a light on those men–Leonard Leo, Dick Uihlein, Charles Koch, and Jeff Yass–and right-wing groups targeting state courts and other levers of power to change the rules and limit our freedoms. This new report also documents how Leo used the Federalist Society to target state supreme courts and the judicial selection process in order to advance his agenda, and more.

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