Rothschilds Caterwaul for Merger Between Corporations, Governments, & AI To “Save Capitalism”-Humans Want All Ratschilds Arrested, Tried For Usury, Pedophilia, Mass Murder, Starting Wars & Hanged!

“Lady” Lynn de Rothschild of the notorious Rothschild blood sucking, Usury theft and war starting Rat Pack evil imps of hell has stated AI will require a “root and branch reform of the economy,” meaning, free markets have to go and government/corporate partners will have to step in to control everything, for the sake of the populace and the “greater good”,

Greater Good to a Ratschild means the realization of their wet dream nightmare for humanity of a One World Communist/Zionist Unelected Dictatorship with the Ratschilds running said shit hole world Ratschild Kingdom.

It does not take a rocket scientist to connect the dots of all the World organizations humans did not vote for which are being put forth as the answer to all the evil the Rothschilds have engineered, with the Rothschilds controlling the communistic world wide dictatorship organizations which put forth such bull shit as the recent Human Herd Culling Killer Jabs as an “answer” to the SCAMDEMIC.

Self Defense is a Creator God Given Right to humans.

As it is evident the Rothschild’s are demonic beings which will NEVER stop making war against humanity while trying to get Control Freak total control over humanity so they can make life on earth a dung heap of a living hell, humanity is within their ZGod Given Rights to defend themselves from the Ratschilds.

Mobs are not good.
Convening Nuremberg styled Common Law Courts and Tribunals, dragooning EVERY Ratschild and all their associates and political whores before such tribunals, giving them each fair trials followed by fair hangings is a God Given Right.

The Ole Dog1


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