Russia doesn’t disseminate lies, quoting bogus sources, as the USA does on a daily basis

Washington’s SpokesClowns Are No Match for Russia’s Top Press Spokeswoman

This is an excerpt from an article which originally appeared at the Russian newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda. Translated by Sergei Malygin

With it’s inept and spineless president, its corrupt financial system, disastrous foreign policy, out of control military industrial complex, and social and moral degeneration, it becoming more and more obvious to the entire world that the US is in terminal decline.

Nowhere is this more on display than in the parade of buffoons who’ve recently served as spokespeople at the State Department and the Pentagon.  Click here and here for Russia Insider’s side-splitting videos of these folks on the job, starting with Jen Psaki and Marie Harf, and moving on to John Kirby and Elizabeth Trudeau.  Their jaw-dropping stupidity has made the US a laughing stock around the world.

We realize it’s difficult to put a reasonable face on policies that nothing can justify.  Still, that people of such low calibre should be appointed to such  sensitive positions speaks volumes about the overall state of the nation.

By the same token, the people Russia is fielding as their counterparts trumpets the state of today’s Russia.

Take Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Sharp and witty,  she runs circles around her US counterparts, and ordinary Russians get a kick out of her media appearances.

Here are a few quotes from her recent interview with the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.

“There is no such thing as moderate terrorism.”

“The label “moderate terrorists” reminds me of the footage showing IS militants cutting out their victims’ hearts and eating them in front of a terrified crowd. Should we call this moderate cannibalism?”

“The fundamental difference in our positions is this: Washington cares about appearances, Moscow cares about defeating the IS.”

“Ten years ago the US admitted that the Iraq invasion was wrong. –  It would be great if in addition to admitting their mistakes, they would also stop making them…”

“Until the US invaded Iraq, Iraqis had no terrorism.  Now they’d give anything to rid themselves of it”

“Three or four years ago, in their wildest dreams, no European could have guessed that Syria would impact him personally – that a refugee would come to his door demanding “compensation” for Europe’s support of America’s war.

Who would have thought the chaos in the Middle East would spread  like wildfire, threatening the whole world?

The Middle East might not survive another black hole. If Syria is subjected to regime change it will become another link in a destructive chain of events. … the Middle East will be one big fire, making IS’ day. That’s why Russia stresses the crucial importance of preserving the Syrian state, so it can fight terrorism.”

“Russia does not lie about what others are doing. We do not disseminate lies, quoting bogus sources, as the US does on a daily basis.”

“At the UN General Assembly meeting in New York, a Middle Eastern representative told me:

‘We do not agree with what you’re doing and will do everything to create the impression that it is wrong,’  adding:  ‘Perception is more important than reality.’

What country said that?

A country in the middle east – (3 guesses as to which country she is talking about – edit) – and now they are trying to create a false reality – to fool the people – watch the movie “Wag the Dog” if you need it spelled out for you.”

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