Russia’s Supreme Court Bans “International LGBT Movement” As An “Extremist” Organization

Russia has long faced widespread international condemnation for what outside countries have decried as a crackdown on sexual minorities. President Vladimir Putin has persisted in stressing that Russia must safeguard traditional family values, and that this means protecting children from the pervasive propaganda of the West which seeks to sexualize young people.

Russia’s Supreme Court on Thursday in an official ruling designated what it called the “international LGBT public movement” as a banned “extremist” organization. The new ban is expected to take full effect by early next year – but some reports have said it is effective immediately – and while specifics haven’t been forthcoming, the label would clearly give state authorities much broader powers to go after activist groups.

Via AP: the poster reads “Marriage, Children, Security” from two gay rights protesters

This follows on the heels of prior controversial legislation that extended the ban on “LGBT propaganda” even to adults. At first this was aimed at protecting children, but the law applies among adults as well, as of a year ago. This chiefly impacts media and publications, and activist organizations and public demonstrations.

Additionally it’s aimed at NGOs. The Kremlin has long complained that well-funded NGOs from the West enter Russia and often spread counter-family values

The Moscow Times has quoted the following activist in reaction to this latest planned expansion of the law

“There are still some LGBT rights activists here in Russia. But they might well be the last ones,” Alexei Sergeyev, a St. Petersburg-based civil rights and LGBT activist, told The Moscow Times. 

“As I always told myself, ‘I can handle the fines, but if there is a threat of imprisonment, I will leave’.”

Individuals face a maximum of six years in prison if convicted of involvement in an “extremist” organization.

Critics of the policy under Putin have claimed that such a thing as the “international LGBT movement” doesn’t exist.

However, as CNN and other media outlets have long acknowledged, during Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State (under Obama), promotion of “LGBTQ” became “a core value of U.S. foreign policy”. This meant that any country seen as being resistant to this agenda was marked as a target for reform – and this has of course included Russia at top of the list.

Recent years have witnessed US Embassies across the globe fly large rainbow flags. But many have pointed out glaring hypocrisy in the fact that while the biggest flags can be seen in places like Moscow or Belarus, the US doesn’t dare fly the ‘Pride’ flag in places like Saudi Arabia or other allied Muslim-dominant nations.

Thus the Kremlin sees the cause of ‘gay rights’ as yet another public social domain that Washington has ‘weaponized’ to bring about political change in Russia. US officials have simultaneously publicly opined on overthrowing the “repressive” Putin “regime”. 

Conservative pundits in America have at the same time highlighted the mythology of a supposedly unified LGBTQ “community”. In recent years the “T”/or Trans has been effectively at war against the “L” and the “G”. Most Lesbians and their allies are traditional feminists, but the transgender movement has sought to erase feminism altogether.

This is further highlighted in the long-running smears and attacks on Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, given she maintains there is a uniqueness to womanhood that can’t be mimicked or duplicated by men wishing to change their sex. It could be the case too that Russia doesn’t want to see this internal LGBTQ split and ideological war come to its own society.



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