Schwartza Lloyd Austin Declares War From Bedpan

Schwartza Lloyd Austin Declares War From Bedpan

The optics don’t look so hot.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered strikes on Yemen from his hospital bed using a full suite of secure communications,” per CNN.

You can’t make this stuff up.

At bottom, the Schwartza ‘blasted away’ while soiling his bedpan.

Rectify all of this with Jill changing Joe’s diaper and you have an illegal attack on the poorest nation on earth launched from a nursing home and a hospital bed.

The Jewmerican Empire has no clothes.

Iran gets a good laugh, Putin chuckles, and the Houthis—determined to stop shipping to IsraHell through the Red Sea—are the heroes of the global force known as the Islamic World.

It gets worse.

The Yemenite Houthis struck a US ship on January 12 off the coast of Somalia killing two Navy sailors,” per WaPo.

How in the world do the Yids running the State Department—I mean Blinken and Nudelman and tons of sidekick Yids—think that lobbing a bunch of bombs on the Houthis is gonna stop them?

These guys survived Saudi bombs for eight years until the Sand Barons saw all their efforts coming to nothing.

Ain’t gonna work for Jewmerica either.

The Houthis are alive and thriving.

What can 100 antique Tomahawk missiles do to these militant, war-hardened, highly motivated, “Houthi Resistance Fighters,” whose decentralized military constructs are spread across the deserts of Yemen?


All Blinken and Nudelman can do is bomb, bomb, bomb.

We saw it in Afghanistan and the Taliban are still in command.

The Houthi thing could end in a day if Blinken and Nudelman demand IsraHell to stop slaughtering innocents in Gaza, and then threaten to cut off all weapons AND money.

Won’t happen.

The Jews who control all that the US does are linked to their tribesmen in the un-promised land of IsraHell by race, by religion, and by a world dominance agenda.

That’s US foreign policy for dumb goys.

More ‘dumb goy deception stuff’ by Yiddeshee Blinken follows.

In his fourth visit to the unholy land last week, Blinken told IsraHell’s neighbors that “de-escalation” was America’s priority.


Whatever a Jew says simply render it in reverse.

For as soon as Blinken flies home to the District of Jewish Criminals (DjC), the escalation starts.

All launched from the White House Nursing Home and the Schwartza’s bedpan.

The s##t from Jewmerica is about to hit the fan.

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